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+++Science Day (Whole School) - Thursday 22nd March++++Easter Bonnet Competition (REC, Y1 & 2) and Writing / Art Competition (Y4, 5 & 6) entires in on Monday 26th March++++Year 5 Into University Morning - Tuesday 27th March++++Easter Assembly - Thursday 29th March at 10am++++

Reception Class (EYFS)

Early Years Principles and Aims


  • To provide a welcoming environment for children and their families
  • To ensure that all children feel included, secure and valued
  • To establish positive relationships with parents
  • To keep parents well informed about the curriculum and their child's progress
  • To build on what children already know and can do and to celebrate achievement
  • To help children make links in their learning
  • To stimulate positive attitudes and dispositions to learning
  • To encourage independence
  • To value children's interests, providing a balance of direct teaching and child initiated activities
  • To help children build friendships and learn to co-operate with each other
  • To provide a solid foundation in the Prime areas of Learning (Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Physical Development) and specific areas of learning
  • To make careful observations in order to support and extend children's learning appropriately
  • To ensure that children with special educational needs and identified and receive appropriate support