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++++Y3 Tate Modern Art Workshop - Wednesday 19th June++++Y6 - Into University Walworth - Thursday 20th June++++INSET DAY - School closed to pupils - Friday 21st June++++Crampton Summer Fair - Saturday 22nd June - 1pm to 4pm++++

Year Six

Curriculum Over-view



  • Living things and their habitats
  • Animals including humans
  • Evolution and inheritance
  • Light
  • Electricity


  • Civil War to the Second World War: What was life like for Londoners?
  • Travel and Trade: “It’s Not Fair!” – global issues from the present day (Fairtrade) and from history (transatlantic slave trade).


  • Name and locate counties and regions in the UK.
  • Identify the position and significance of the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn.
  • Understand geographical similarities and differences through the study of human and physical geography of a region of the United Kingdom and a region within North or South America.
  • Describe and understand: biomes, vegetation belts, land use, economic activity and distribution of resources.
  • Use four and six figure grid references on OS maps, and understand the symbols.

Physical Education

  • Use running, jumping, catching and throwing in isolation and in combination.
  • Play competitive games.
  • Develop flexibility and control in gym, dance and athletics.
  • Compare performances to achieve personal bests.
  • Year 6 will develop these skills through gymnastic, dance, games and athletics.


  • Listen and engage.
  • Engage in conversations, expressing opinions.
  • Speak in simple sentences and be understood.
  • Develop appropriate pronunciation.
  • Present ideas and information orally.
  • Show understanding in simple reading.
  • Adapt known language to create new ideas. Describe people, places and things.
  • Understand basic grammar.


  • Develop positive learning behaviours.
  • Understand how to lead a healthy and safe lifestyle.
  • Build aspirations for a successful future.
  • Understand how to make a positive contribution to society.
  • Understand the world around me.
  • Develop positive relationships with those around me.


  • Perform with control and expression solo and in ensembles.
  • Improvise and compose using dimensions of music.
  • Listen to detail and recall aurally.
  • Develop an understanding of the history of music, including great musicians and composers.
  • Use and understand basics of staff notation.
  • Religious Education
  • Know the key individuals and principles and understand the characteristics of places of worship for: Christianity, Islam and Buddhism.

Art and Design

  • Use sketchbooks to collect, record, review, revisit and evaluate ideas.
  • Collect information, sketches and resources and present ideas imaginatively in a sketchbook.
  • Improve mastery of techniques such as drawing, painting and sculpture with varied materials.
  • Improve mastery of textiles and digital media skills
  • Give details (including own sketches) about the style of some notable artists, artisans and designers.
  • Show how the work of those studied was influential in both society and to other artists. Create original pieces that show a range of influences and styles.


  • Use research to generate, develop and communicate ideas to design appealing, targeted products.
  • Select from a wide range of materials according to their physical and aesthetic qualities.
  • Understand how key events in DT have shaped the world.
  • Understand and use electrical systems and apply their understanding of computing.
  • Know the procurement process of ingredients.