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++++October Half Term - Monday 21st October to Friday 25th October++++Children Return - Monday 28th October++++

Crampton Voice

Our pupils are encouraged not only to be inquisitive learners but also curious and active citizens with a key role in shaping their world.

To this end, they are expected to ask questions, find ways of seeking information and suggest solutions to problems.

We encourage an open dialogue between children and adults enabling ideas and suggestions to be voiced in many different ways.

Amongst those opportunities are two more formulised bodies, the School Council group and the School Grounds group.


The School Council:

The School Council is elected and currently consists of representatives from Years 1 to 6.


The Story So Far

The school council started by considering a number of aspects of school life that they were interested in and after much discussion selected their top three.

These are:

  • Health and Safety
  • Care and Concern
  • Behaviour



To Date They Have:

  • Conducted a health and safety audit of the school building and grounds feeding back findings to Mrs Giles which led to changes in school flooring and updating of the toilets.
  • Researched activities to promote awareness and understanding of caring for the outside area and engage pupils during playtimes.
  • Revisited the school behaviour policy and devised a questionnaire to consult with all in the school regarding the policy.
  • Analysed responses from the questionnaire and used these to inform their recommendations to the Senior Leadership Team.
  • Revisited the idea of re-introducing a summer fair to help raise funds for the school. A summer fair will now be taking place on                  Saturday 30th June 2018.
If you would like to become a School Councillor download the nomination form.