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Cycle Training

During the academic year, children in years 5 and 6 have the opportunity of free cycle training; there are usually two sessions a year.


Children are trained to ride on the road by two cycle instructors following the national training scheme 'Bikeability'; the course is run by 'Cycleconfident'.


Children should be confident cyclists!


The first lesson is taught in the playground to give the children a chance to practice before they go out on the road; sessions start at 3.15pm and finishes approx. 5pm afterschool everyday for a week.

If your child misses one session, the instructors will not allow them to continue as each lesson builds on the last.


Each child must:

  • bring their own bike to school with a lock
  • a cycle helmet
  • gloves and coat (for cooler weather)


The school has four bicycles and three helmets which can be borrowed, however it is better if they have their own. Please speak to main reception as soon as you sign up for your child if you would like to borrow a bicycle or helmet.


The instructors will make sure your bike is road worthy, they can mend punctures and tighten brakes, they do not have other spare parts.