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E - Safety

Online Safety Guide Update for Parents / Carers

Internet Matters - Keeping your child safe

The Digital Wellbeing of Children and Young People


Childnet International has produced guidance for parents and carers on looking after the digital wellbeing of children and young people.


The guidance includes:

  • Having an awareness of how being online can make children and young people feel
  • How they can look after themselves and others when online
  • How children and young people are interacting wit the internet
  • Top tips to support young people
  • Ideas to help start a conversation about digital wellbeing

E-Safety Parent Enquiries

If you have any requests for information or enquiries with concern for e-Safety please complete the short form

using the link below

E-Safety Workshop Presentation

Key ideas for helping your child stay safe online:


1. Talk

  • Talk about staying safe online together
  • Have open discussions
  • Don't wait until there is an issue

2. Explore

  • Explore the online world together
  • Don't let yourself as a parent / carer to be left behind
  • Find out about new technology and discuss the pros and cons with your child

3. Agree

  • Agree rules about what's ok and what's not ok
  • Agree on screen time limits and expectations
  • Agree on what websites you are happy and not happy for them to use

4. Manage

  • Manage parental controls on devices and make sure safe-search is enabled

Advice we give to the children




Safe = Do not give out personal information online

Meeting = Do not arrange to meet  people you have met online.

Accepting = Do not accept messages, files or emails from people you do not know.

Reliable = Information on the internet may not always be true. Always check.

Tell = Tell a parent, carer or trusted adult if something online makes you feel uncomfortable

Useful Websites