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++++INSET Day - Friday 23rd October - School Closed to Pupils++++Half Term - Monday 26th October to Friday 30th October++++Children Return - Monday 2nd November++++

Friday 27th March 2020

Good morning Year 3!


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It is the 27th March and that means your first full week out of school is nearly over.


But first…


It’s Friday, which means we need to celebrate the week that has passed and thank the people we live with for the things they’ve done for us, big or small. So in Crampton tradition, we’re starting our Friday with…


Celebration Assembly!


… with a twist! Today you’re going to be awarding the certificates to people in your family who have helped you this week. Have they taught you something new? Have they helped you solve a problem that was tricky? Have they helped to cheer you or someone else up? Have they done something especially kind?


Below is a PDF with examples of what your certificates could look like - but be as creative as you like. Remember to make your message thoughtful. Don’t forget to give the winners a round of applause!




You may have guessed that today’s maths is . . . time again!


Well done for your hard work on MyMaths. Keep doing your best (I promise it won’t be telling time forever).




Read Fabio the world’s greatest Flamingo Detective up to the end of Page 17


Answer these three quick-fire questions in your exercise book.


  1. Fabio said he saw someone across the street, who did he say it was?
  2. Where were Gilbert and Fabio travelling to in the car?
  3. What adverb describes how the train moves out of the station? (clue; most adverbs end in –ly)


Now read to the end of page 23.


  4. Write a list of all the events that happened in the pages you have read.


  5. Once you have done this, choose the two most important events from your list.





I hope you enjoyed the chance to show off your describing skills yesterday.


Today, I’d love for you to invent your own character.


There is file at the bottom of the page for you to open. Follow the instructions to create a brand-new character for a story. If you want to tell me about your character then you are very welcome to email me your work.


I hope you enjoy this task.




Beatriz Milhazes is our artist this term. She was inspired by artists such as Paul Klee from Switzerland as well as Russian artist, Wassily Kandinsky.


These two artists were very important in inventing a new type of painting known as “abstract” art. Their paintings weren’t really of anything, they used colour, shape, and areas of space to create energetic images.


Take a good look at the paintings below.


This first painting is Paul Klee while the second is by Kandinsky.






Choose your favourite painting and try and create your own version inspired by Klee or Kandinsky (again you can send me emails with photos of your artwork so don’t be shy).


Well done to you all for getting through this week.


Final thing


It has been very strange not being in school and I miss teaching you all very much.


But we must always look on the positive side and seeing your messages everyday has been truly special. You have all been so kind and I feel very lucky to be your teacher.


Thank you and have a lovely, restful weekend,


Mr Webber