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++++Y2 & Y3 Athletics Workshops (PM) - Thursday 19th May++++Platinum Jubilee Celebrations - Thursday 26th May++++Last day at school - Friday 27th May+++++


At Crampton we believe in enabling pupils to become informed, active future citizens. Pupils will understand how their lives are connected to others and are both shaped by, and impact on, the environments they inhabit if they are to make responsible choices for the future.


Through our carefully considered ‘Learning Journey’ curriculum, we have combined humanities subjects and created termly “topics”. Within these topics, children will have discreet Geography lessons taught where they will be inspired and enthused to find out about the physical and human world. 

Through their growing knowledge and understanding of geography, children will learn about places, people and the environment. By exploring their own locality and through studying others, they will learn how to draw and interpret maps, and deepen their geographical skills through enquiry learning.


We aspire for children to be curious and passionate geographers, who understand the current human and physical challenges to our planet and to appreciate their role in ensuring a sustainable future.