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++++INSET Day - Friday 23rd October - School Closed to Pupils++++Half Term - Monday 26th October to Friday 30th October++++Children Return - Monday 2nd November++++



This week our focus has been all about securing the children's knowledge of numbers to 20. Today at home, focus on your child being able to count backwards from any given number to 20.

If you are able to make number cards, or a number track, or number line, that would help you to practise with your child.

See the attached focus sheet for ideas about how to work on this skill with your child.



Today at home, the maths focus is to count to twenty from any given number. This means that your child doesn't always start at zero to count up to 20. For example, can your child count to 20 if you start at 7? or 11?

If you are able to, I would suggest making some number flashcards (post it notes or pieces of paper will do) to help your child with number recognition around the house; ordering; and saying their numbers out loud. 

Thursday maths focus count to 20 from any given number



Today the focus is on counting back from any given number (to 20) to zero. Below you will find a sheet to help give you ideas on how to structure this. 

This is learning that you could try and fit throughout the whole day- perhaps you ask your child to tidy away some toys and give them a countdown from 20 and ask them to join in.

Practising their numbers little and often will be most effective in helping them learn. 



Maths focus idea Wednesday 1st April


Today, make sure your child is really confident with counting from zero to twenty. 

Below you will find attachments that will give parents a structure to help to do this, but you may want to choose a context that interests your child. Maybe it is counting and ordering 20 toy cars or 20 lego pieces.


Here is quite an easy activity from 'Five Minute Mum' to practise numbers 1-20


This week we are still consolidating our numbers to 20. 

Here is an overview of a session parents may like to do with their child. 

One, Two Buckle my shoe

Still image for this video
Song to support maths lesson

Here is a maths games you can play with someone at home.


Matching numbers for two