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++++INSET Day - Friday 23rd October - School Closed to Pupils++++Half Term - Monday 26th October to Friday 30th October++++Children Return - Monday 2nd November++++

Monday 30th March 2020

AHA Year 3, there you are! I’ve been looking everywhere!


I hope you have had a relaxing weekend and are looking after yourselves and your families.


First of all, I want to thank those of you who sent work to my school email address. I loved seeing what you’ve been working on and it really lifted my spirits.


(If you aren’t sure what my email address is, I will put it at the bottom of this post)


I also hope that your celebration assemblies went well and that the people who got certificates were proud of themselves.


Thirdly is this great website.


It's Roald Dahl himself reading Fantastic Mr Fox! I love his voice so much, it makes me feel so relaxed. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did when I was your age.




It’s TIME for maths and you’ll probably be able to guess what (H)OUR topic is this week. “Wait a MINUTE, Mr Webber” I hear you cry from your homes “We can’t be doing reading clocks for a SECOND week in a row!”


That’s right, it’s FRACTIONS! (did I trick you? I bet I didn’t)


First, look at the lesson and then have a go at the task I have set for you (remember finding half of an amount is the same as dividing the total into two equal groups)




Read Fabio the world’s greatest Flamingo Detective from page 24 up to the end of Page 28


Answer these three quick-fire questions in your exercise book.


  1. What drink did Fabio order on the train?
  2. Who sat down with Fabio and Gilbert and what was her name?
  3. The author uses a simile to describe the pendant/necklace on page 27. Find and copy the simile into your book.


Find this line in the book


‘This is the Laloozee Ruby,’ she said. ‘I shouldn’t really be wearing it. It’s very valuable, you see, but I thought, as we’re on a train, what could possibly happen to it?’


    4. Is the author giving use a clue to what might happen next? Write in your book what you think might happen to            the Laloozee Ruby.





Task 1


Verbs are words that are used to describe actions or states (REMEMBER - verbs are NOT always action or doing words)


Click this link, watch the video and complete the quiz


Once you have watched the bitesize video, copy out the sentences below into your book and highlight every verb you can find.


The clumsy PE coach was carrying a huge bag of equipment across the playground. Suddenly she tripped over and dropped the bag! The zip was open and Tennis balls flew out and bounced all over the ground.


Task 2


Fill in the gaps by choosing the most suitable verb for these sentences (remember to copy them in full into your book in your very best handwriting)


Olaf __________ quickly to the shop.


Jennifer _________________ the ball happily across the field


Simon __________________ his milkshake noisily.


Year 3 _________________ thoughtfully to the piece of music.


Dry leaves ____________________ gently from the trees.


The group of children __________________ loudly at the funny film.


Task 3


Adverbs are words than can be added to verbs to give extra detail to a sentence.


Click on this link, watch the video and complete the quiz then…


Read the sentences you have just written and circle each adverb you find.


Weslandia task from your packs


I hope your civilisations are getting on well. I’m so sad I can’t see what you are working on but remember you can email me.


I was thinking about what I’d called my own civilisation and I came up with




What do you think of my country name? Let me know on the register below if you like :-)


Register here!


Have a great Monday everybody and you know what to do! If you can’t remember then I’ll give you a clue. It rhymes with #poshfourbands 


Mr Webber