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++++INSET Day - Friday 23rd October - School Closed to Pupils++++Half Term - Monday 26th October to Friday 30th October++++Children Return - Monday 2nd November++++

Monday 6th April 2020

Good morning Year 3 


I hope you had a relaxing weekend.


Please sign in to our daily register and don't forget to leave a message! 


The Easter holidays have just begun but I will still be posting things on this page.

The sorts of things I will post will be;


  • Short activities
  • Creative projects
  • Amazing art
  • Melodious music
  • Super science




There will be a short daily MyMaths task to complete although there won’t be a lesson to go with it this time.


Times tables


Now is a great time to practise your times tables and you can do that here.


Remember to try the ones you aren’t as confident with.


Your first project this Easter is called




I hope you enjoy being creative with this. You are all so amazing and I know each of you will come up with something unique and magical.


Something you might enjoy 


David Hockney is one of the most famous living British artists and he has spent his time staying safe by doing lots of paintings from his home in France.


The interesting thing about his "paintings" is that some of don't actually use any paint at all!


Explore here to see if you can work out what I mean.


Tell me your favourite painting either in today's register or by email if you prefer.


Here is mine. I love the way her has chosen colours carefully to create a sunny feeling without actually painting the sun.






I received quite a few over the weekend and will put up a gallery of them tomorrow morning.


Have a good day #washyourhandsevenduringtheholidays


Mr Webber