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Mr. Webber

Bonjour la class. Aujourd’hui nous sommes mercredi le premier Avril.


Can you translate this sentence from French into English? If you can, tell me what you think it says in today’s register - Mason, you’re not allowed to ask your mum ;-)


Before we start… I’ve baked some brownies for all of you! Sadly, we aren’t at school to enjoy them together but I will still be able to give them to you. All you need to do is come to the year 3 page again at quarter-past two this afternoon. Don’t forget!


Draw with Rob


I know you enjoyed these when we did them at school. Rob has added some more drawings for you to try!






Well done for your hard work on fractions so far. You half (have) to keep going though because here is your next lesson.


Good luck!




I hope you enjoyed finishing the chapter for Fabio the great flamingo detective. Remember to send me any writing you want me to see!


Have a look at this picture and answer the questions neatly in your exercise book. I want to know what you think is going on so your opinion is important for these questions.



  1. Why do you think the boy is hanging from the tree?
  2. Why is she wearing ice skates but he isn’t?
  3. What might she be saying to him?
  4. How is he going to get down?


Writing task


Write a short diary entry from the point of view of the boy in the picture above. Use this opening sentence to help start if you like…


Dear Diary,

                  Something very embarrassing happened to me today.


(use the questions from the reading task to add detail to your diary entry)




I know lots of you will be working out with Joe Wickes but here is a slightly different way to exercise with an Olympic athlete. There are lots of stretches in this one but you need really good balance to do them. If you don’t have good balance then make sure you take any bowls of soup you might have on your head off before trying this workout.


Have a great day today you lot and don’t forget to come back at quarter past two! Happy April 1st!


Mr Webber



Good Tuesday Legends of Year 3!


Thanks for your feedback on yesterday's register. Keep the lovely messages coming please.


Cool thing number 1


Before I go to bed, I like to listen to audiobooks (because you can do it with the lights out and you don’t have to wear uncomfy glasses either).


I wondered if you might also like listening to stories. If you do then this website has lots of brilliant audiobooks for you to enjoy.


Cool thing number 2


Just because we aren’t at school DOES NOT mean that The Easter Bonnet competition is cancelled. What I’d love you to do is to make your very best Easter bonnet.

Obviously you can’t go to the shops to buy new things so I want you to be as creative as you can with this using anything you can find in the house. If you really can’t find any materials to make an actual bonnet then a drawing will be just as good.

Once you are finished, send your pictures to my email address at the end of the week.




I wasn’t HALF impressed by your fractions knowledge yesterday so well done! See if you can do even better today with some more fractions work.


Good luck!




Read Fabio the world’s greatest Flamingo Detective up to page 34


Remember, if there are any words you aren't sure about then look them up in an online dictionary like this one here;


Answer the following quick-fire questions NEATLY in your exercise book


  1. What does the wearer of the Laloozee Ruby need to have?
  2. What happened to the waiter when the train stopped suddenly?
  3. Find two verbs on page 32 that tell us how Fabio was moving around the train.




I have a confession to make; I have not given you the whole book! I lost it going down a water slide (this might be true - it also might not).


Because the rest of the book is missing, I want you to complete the chapter of this book from the moment Fabio saw the elephant tied up on the railway line. Write an exciting paragraph or two that imagines what might have happened next.


  • Did Fabio save the elephant?
  • Did Fabio ask the elephant any questions? (he should do if he’s a good detective!)
  • Who is the elephant?
  • Why was the elephant there?

most importantly…

  • Did Gilbert get his Black Forest Gateau pudding???


It’s up to you because the story’s yours now. Enjoy!


Writing task for the rest of the week


On Friday, you created your own character. I know you will have given your character lots of interesting features.


I’d love for you to write a short story that follows a day in the life of your character.


Here are some things you might want to include in your story.


  • Where is your character at the start of the story? (use your descriptive skills to put your character in a detailed setting)
  • Are they going anywhere special? (use their hobbies to choose a suitable place)
  • Are they meeting anyone when they get there?
    • Who is the person they are meeting? (give a short character description so the reader can imagine them)
  • How does your character feel about the day they are having so far?
  • Are there any problems with your character’s day?
    • Perhaps your character might lose something important?
    • How does the problem get solved?
  • What does your character do at the end of the day?


You don’t need to answer all of these questions but they might help you.


IMPORTANT - Take a few days to finish this task if you need to. Can you use the things we have been learning over the last week to make your story exciting to read?


I hope you enjoy today’s tasks. Keep going. You are doing so well!


Mr Webber

AHA Year 3, there you are! I’ve been looking everywhere!


I hope you have had a relaxing weekend and are looking after yourselves and your families.


First of all, I want to thank those of you who sent work to my school email address. I loved seeing what you’ve been working on and it really lifted my spirits.


(If you aren’t sure what my email address is, I will put it at the bottom of this post)


I also hope that your celebration assemblies went well and that the people who got certificates were proud of themselves.


Thirdly is this great website.


It's Roald Dahl himself reading Fantastic Mr Fox! I love his voice so much, it makes me feel so relaxed. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did when I was your age.




It’s TIME for maths and you’ll probably be able to guess what (H)OUR topic is this week. “Wait a MINUTE, Mr Webber” I hear you cry from your homes “We can’t be doing reading clocks for a SECOND week in a row!”


That’s right, it’s FRACTIONS! (did I trick you? I bet I didn’t)


First, look at the lesson and then have a go at the task I have set for you (remember finding half of an amount is the same as dividing the total into two equal groups)




Read Fabio the world’s greatest Flamingo Detective from page 24 up to the end of Page 28


Answer these three quick-fire questions in your exercise book.


  1. What drink did Fabio order on the train?
  2. Who sat down with Fabio and Gilbert and what was her name?
  3. The author uses a simile to describe the pendant/necklace on page 27. Find and copy the simile into your book.


Find this line in the book


‘This is the Laloozee Ruby,’ she said. ‘I shouldn’t really be wearing it. It’s very valuable, you see, but I thought, as we’re on a train, what could possibly happen to it?’


    4. Is the author giving use a clue to what might happen next? Write in your book what you think might happen to            the Laloozee Ruby.





Task 1


Verbs are words that are used to describe actions or states (REMEMBER - verbs are NOT always action or doing words)


Click this link, watch the video and complete the quiz


Once you have watched the bitesize video, copy out the sentences below into your book and highlight every verb you can find.


The clumsy PE coach was carrying a huge bag of equipment across the playground. Suddenly she tripped over and dropped the bag! The zip was open and Tennis balls flew out and bounced all over the ground.


Task 2


Fill in the gaps by choosing the most suitable verb for these sentences (remember to copy them in full into your book in your very best handwriting)


Olaf __________ quickly to the shop.


Jennifer _________________ the ball happily across the field


Simon __________________ his milkshake noisily.


Year 3 _________________ thoughtfully to the piece of music.


Dry leaves ____________________ gently from the trees.


The group of children __________________ loudly at the funny film.


Task 3


Adverbs are words than can be added to verbs to give extra detail to a sentence.


Click on this link, watch the video and complete the quiz then…


Read the sentences you have just written and circle each adverb you find.


Weslandia task from your packs


I hope your civilisations are getting on well. I’m so sad I can’t see what you are working on but remember you can email me.


I was thinking about what I’d called my own civilisation and I came up with




What do you think of my country name? Let me know on the register below if you like :-)


Have a great Monday everybody and you know what to do! If you can’t remember then I’ll give you a clue. It rhymes with #poshfourbands 


Mr Webber

Good morning Year 3!


Here is today's register


It is the 27th March and that means your first full week out of school is nearly over.


But first…


It’s Friday, which means we need to celebrate the week that has passed and thank the people we live with for the things they’ve done for us, big or small. So in Crampton tradition, we’re starting our Friday with…


Celebration Assembly!


… with a twist! Today you’re going to be awarding the certificates to people in your family who have helped you this week. Have they taught you something new? Have they helped you solve a problem that was tricky? Have they helped to cheer you or someone else up? Have they done something especially kind?


Below is a PDF with examples of what your certificates could look like - but be as creative as you like. Remember to make your message thoughtful. Don’t forget to give the winners a round of applause!




You may have guessed that today’s maths is . . . time again!


Well done for your hard work on MyMaths. Keep doing your best (I promise it won’t be telling time forever).




Read Fabio the world’s greatest Flamingo Detective up to the end of Page 17


Answer these three quick-fire questions in your exercise book.


  1. Fabio said he saw someone across the street, who did he say it was?
  2. Where were Gilbert and Fabio travelling to in the car?
  3. What adverb describes how the train moves out of the station? (clue; most adverbs end in –ly)


Now read to the end of page 23.


  4. Write a list of all the events that happened in the pages you have read.


  5. Once you have done this, choose the two most important events from your list.





I hope you enjoyed the chance to show off your describing skills yesterday.


Today, I’d love for you to invent your own character.


There is file at the bottom of the page for you to open. Follow the instructions to create a brand-new character for a story. If you want to tell me about your character then you are very welcome to email me your work.


I hope you enjoy this task.




Beatriz Milhazes is our artist this term. She was inspired by artists such as Paul Klee from Switzerland as well as Russian artist, Wassily Kandinsky.


These two artists were very important in inventing a new type of painting known as “abstract” art. Their paintings weren’t really of anything, they used colour, shape, and areas of space to create energetic images.


Take a good look at the paintings below.


This first painting is Paul Klee while the second is by Kandinsky.



Choose your favourite painting and try and create your own version inspired by Klee or Kandinsky (again you can send me emails with photos of your artwork so don’t be shy).


Well done to you all for getting through this week.


Final thing


It has been very strange not being in school and I miss teaching you all very much.


But we must always look on the positive side and seeing your messages everyday has been truly special. You have all been so kind and I feel very lucky to be your teacher.


Thank you and have a lovely, restful weekend,


Mr Webber





Good morning lovely Year 3!


It is Thursday 26th March. I hope you had a good day yesterday. Thank you again for your kind and positive messages. I really love reading them while I'm working at home.


Here is today's register


I hope you are ready for another positive day. Don't forget Joe Wickes' workout videos on YouTube. They really are great for keeping healthy and feeling ready for the day ahead.


Yesterday's PE


For those badminton rally counters among you, the correct number of shots in the rally was *drumroll* 108 shots! Well done if you counted that right (and didn't cheat by looking under the video :-p).




It is Thursday so that means we are - as always - starting with some music listening!


The piece you will be listening to today is by a composer called Anna Meredith. Anna is from Scotland and was born in 1978 (I know some of you like to work out ages so there you go!). She uses sound in a very exciting way and I can’t wait to see what you think.


Watch the first video for an introduction to the piece and then watch the second video to see the full performance.


Once you have enjoyed the music, write down your thoughts in your exercise book.

You could think about these things in your writing;

  • What is interesting about the instruments? (Can you make a list of the many different ways sounds were being made?)
  • Is the tempo fast or slow or medium?
  • Is the piece loud or quiet?
  • What did you think of the rhythms?
  • How did you feel when you listened to the piece?
  • Does it remind you of any other pieces of music we have heard this year?

And most importantly...

  • Did you like it?


Compose your own


If you wanted to go the extra mile (this means to do a little bit more) then why not try and create your own piece of music by moving around and using the different parts of your body? You could video yourself performing it!




Today’s maths is time again.


Make sure you read each question clearly and select your answers carefully.


I will leave a comment on your work once you have completed it.


Good luck!




Read Fabio the world’s greatest Flamingo Detective up until page 12


Answer these three questions. Explain your answers using the word because.


(I’ve answered one question for you)


Question: Did Alfonso move to his workshop quickly or slowly? How do you know?


My Answer – Alfonso moved slowly to the workshop. I know this because in the book it says Alfonso steadily made his way to the workshop and if someone moves steadily then they are being controlled and careful with their movement.


  1. Is the watch Gilbert has taken to Alfonso’s workshop an expensive watch or a cheap watch? How do you know? (page 6)
  2. Was Gilbert happy when Alfonso told him he had an honest face? How do you know? (page 9)
  3. How did Alfonso feel when Gilbert said he couldn’t give him any advice? Explain your answer. (page 10)


Write a sentence or two in your book in response to this question.


  1. Now that Gilbert’s watch has been fixed, he and Fabio are going on holiday. Use the information you already have about Gilbert and Fabio to make a prediction about what might happen in the story when they arrive at their holiday destination.




Take a good look at this picture. It shows a town in a u-shape valley (think about how that valley might have been made by a glacier). If you look carefully you will see that the village is in danger!



I want you to use your amazing creative skills to write a detailed setting description to go with this



I have written my own version to give you some ideas but I’m sure you can do better!


Use my opening sentence if you aren’t sure how to start your writing


In the middle of the wide and luscious valley, there stood a small village of no more than twenty buildings. Each house had been built using wood from nearby forests. The smooth wood was then painted red. On sunny days, this rusty red colour would appear golden orange and the walls of the houses would absorb the sun’s heat like a sponge soaking up warm washing up water.


The only building in the village that was not painted red was the church.


The church was a pristine and perfect white and it stood proudly in the middle of the houses. When the sun shone onto the church, the reflection was so bright that you’d need to squint your eyes just to look at it.   


All of the villagers went to church every day after work and every day they all prayed for exactly same thing.


They prayed for the boulder to stay at the top of the mountain.


I have used adjectives - and one simile (can you spot it?) - to try and make my description more clear. Remember, we describe places in stories to help the reader imagine what it looks like in their head. The better your description is, the more a reader will be able to imagine.


A great way to test your descriptive skills out would be to keep this picture hidden from someone else in your house and then read your description to them. They could then draw what you have described. If your description is detailed and clear then their drawing should look a bit like the picture above! If their picture is not so close then maybe you can go back and add some more sentences.


Have a positive day, try your best (that's all any of us can ever do after all) and - as always - #washyourhands


Mr Webber





Good morning Year 3!


It is Wednesday 25th March and I am missing teaching you very much. However, your messages on my register really made me smile :-) so thank you. 


You can leave some more messages here.


Here are your tasks for today. I hope you enjoy them.




Today’s task is about time so read the clocks carefully.


You worked really hard on telling the time last week just remember to focus on these three questions;


  1. Is it to or past?
  2. How many minutes past or to is it?
  3. What hour is it past or to?


Good luck!




Read Fabio the world’s greatest Flamingo Detective up until page 5.


Don’t forget to read the pages just before chapter 1 begins where the main characters - Fabio and Gilbert - are introduced.


Answer these three quick-fire questions in your exercise book


  1. Fabio is slight and pink but what two adjectives describe what he is not.
  2. On page two, find a word that means the same as looked
  3. How did Alfonso pick up the pocket watch? Clue: It’s an adverb


Write a sentence or two in your exercise book when answering this fourth question


At Alfonso’s pace, it was going to take more than a minute


  4. Why do you think the author has made Alphonso a tortoise?




Have a look at this interesting picture.



The young boy standing next to his father (the farmer) is watching the bales of hay as they are floating in mid-air. 




Write a diary entry as the boy (first person) explaining the strange day he has had. Be as creative as you can.


Think about these questions when you are writing;

What was your day supposed to be like (before the strange thing happened?)

What did your dad think about the floating hay bales?

Did you manage to get them back to the ground (or not?)


Use this opener to help if you aren’t sure how to start


Dear Diary,


I have had one of the strangest days imaginable…


PE – Sort of!


I hope you have been keeping active. Joe Wickes is doing PE sessions on YouTube every day. We have been doing them at school and they are a great way to keep fit and stay positive.


Here is yesterday’s video and today’s will be on you tube from 9am.


Wednesday is usually badminton day so I thought you might like to watch this amazing badminton rally!


See if you can count how many shots there are; BE WARNED - It is very very quick!


EXTRA FACT: The fastest ever badminton shot was measured at 303 miles per hour. That’s 70 mph faster than a Formula 1 racing car! You wouldn't want to be hit by that would you? OUCH!


You are all awesome!


Have a good day, keep your chins up and - as always - #washyourhands 


Mr Webber

Good morning Year 3.


It is Tuesday 24th March. I hope you are ready to learn!

Here is the register for today so you can check in and leave a message for your teacher!




Today's lesson can be found here





  • Describe the scene. How does the picture make you feel?
  • Do you think the boy knows what lurks beneath the surface?
  • What do you think he can see/hear?
  • What is the crocodile’s character like?



  • If you could jump into the picture, what would you do? Would you help the boy? How? 
  • Use this sentence starter to help you if you need it

If I could jump into the picture I would...


Write your thoughts in your exercise book as neatly as you can.




Click on the following link


Explore the skeleton section.


Task - Make a poster with as much information about the human skeleton as you can. Remember to use pictures and labels to help make it really informative.


Enjoy your day! Stay positive and #washyourhands


Mr Webber



Good morning Year 3!


It is Monday the 23rd of March and I hope you are all feeling positive!




Your daily MyMaths lesson can found here 


After you have finished your MyMaths task, use any method you choose to complete the following equations in the red exercise book in your packs.


415 + 132

234 + 126

353 + 264



634 + 178





Look at the following front cover image...



In your exercise book, use your prediction skills to answer the following questions.


  • Where does the tunnel lead?
  • What is making the light? (in science we call things that make light "light sources")
  • Do you think the rabbit will go through?
  • Has it been through before?
  • How did it find out about the tunnel?
  • Would you go through it?
  • Does this picture remind you of any other stories you have seen recently? (It should!)


English task


  • Using this mysterious image, I would love for you to imagine what would happen if the rabbit bounced through the tunnel.
  • What would it find on the other side?
  • Is it a magical place where you can show off some amazing descriptive writing?
  • Is it a dangerous place where the rabbit may have to escape some scary people?
  • Who will the rabbit meet through the tunnel?

Use these questions, to help you to write an exciting adventure story.


You could use this opening sentence to help begin the rabbit's adventure;


The small but brave rabbit hopped towards the tunnel's bright light and cautiously put one paw through the doorway and...


I hope you have a good day, stay positive and #washyourhands


Mr Webber




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