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Mrs. Phillips

Friday 17th April 


Good morning Year 4 smiley 

Please sign your daily register and leave me comment. Today I'd love to hear which song or piece of music makes you feel HAPPY 

** Important information**

This is the final day that I will be updating this page. From Monday, your daily message, lessons and work will all be set on 'Seesaw', our new 'online-learning platform'

Here you can view lessons and I can see what you've been doing, and respond to each of you individually as well as set a variety of voice recordings etc. as well smiley There will still be a morning message each day and daily register.

Here is the link: 

To sign up and receive your username and get set up, your parents need to respond to the permission letter that was emailed and is also on the home learning front page.


Musical Fridays

Since I taught you in Year 2, I've had so many requests for playing my saxophone to you and I thought as today is our final day using this blog, I would share a few bits of my practise with you! I'm afraid I could only play a few snippets from memory as all my sheet music is in the loft, and apologies for the 'tinny' sound across my microphone, but here you go!

Click the link below to see the videos:

Mrs Phillips' saxophone playing 1

Still image for this video
I am very rusty...!

Mrs Phillips' saxophone playing 2

Still image for this video
And another but I could only remember the beginning!

enlightened  Thinking Musically  enlightened


Every single person has a 'taste' in music. Whether you like pop, rock, jazz, classical, RnB... All music is music! No person is better because they can read music or sing well, and we all have a right to express ourselves. Today I would like you to think about how music makes you feel.  

When you watch a film and there is an emotional scene, what music has the director chosen to play in the background? How does it affect you? When that song comes on the radio which you know all the words to, what mood does it put you in? Music offers escapism, happiness, comfort as well as sadness sometimes. 


Use the BBC Bitesize lesson below and have a think about how music makes you feel.


enlightened Fun fact: A lot of people think that the saxophone is a brass instrument... it's not! It's part of the woodwind family because it has a reed. 




End of the week roundup

I have set your new MyMaths task below to end our numeracy work for this week. As of next week, we will continue to use MyMaths however the lessons and instructions will all be over on Seesaw, as mentioned above.

This is your last chance to email me any of your comic projects, science work or extra things you have been getting up to. I've seen a few more delicious-looking crumbles and I wish I could taste them ALL. I hope you all enjoyed making them as much as you enjoyed eating them!  

Have a wonderful weekend Year 4, keep up the diaries and I'll speak to you on Monday.


smiley Mrs Phillips smiley




Have a lovely day Year 4. I will reply to all of your emails today - Do keep your Comic Strips coming, I'm astounded at some of your final pieces of work already! 


smiley Mrs Phillips smiley


In case you missed the grand reveal on Friday evening.....


    enlightened Easter Bonnet RESULTS enlightened    

Year 4, we had the highest number of Easter Bonnet entries in the whole school!!!

Each and every one of them was hand-crafted and designed so beautifully and I've had hours of torture trying to decide who the 'winners' should be. 

And now to be completely honest with you.... We couldn't decide! So in true Crampton fashion...



To show my appreciation and love for them all, I have attached photos of them all to have a look at, with your own personal feedback from myself and other teachers smiley Just click on the attachment below! 


Also one that I didn't attach earlier!...

Kyriaki's Easter Bonnet!