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Here are all the phonics activities for week 1:

*The Ruth Miskin phonics lessons on youtube are on at set times each day and the videos expire after 24 hours.



This information for for parents/carers:

Grown ups, to be able to practise phonics at home make sure you feel confident about why we are teaching phonics and what all the sounds are.

1) This clip explains how we teach phonics in school:


2) This short video demonstrates how to say the sounds correctly:


You should spend some time with your child each day practising their sounds, this website has 'digital flashcards' for you to use with your child to practise their sounds.



Here is a link to a phonics lesson that teaches you the 'ay' sound ('May I play?')

Watch and practise your sound.



Here is the link to phonics practise- there is a new video every day, but they do expire after 24 hours.

Try the set 2 sounds.




Here is the link for set 2 sounds It is on live at 10am and then the video is available for 24 hours. Please practise together.

Here are the digital flashcards for you to practise your sounds. 



Here is the link for set 2 sounds on the Ruth Miskin Youtube channel. It is on live at 10am and is then available for 24 hours. Please practise together. 

You might want to spend some time exploring the games on the Phonics Play website, who have made their website free during the school closure. Click here to take you to the website.