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++++INSET Day - Friday 23rd October - School Closed to Pupils++++Half Term - Monday 26th October to Friday 30th October++++Children Return - Monday 2nd November++++

Previous 2 x weeks of Home Learning

Friday 3rd April




  Friday Celebration Assembly 

This week, my certificate would go to Seb, who created and shared the most amazing ‘Digestive system’ LIFE-SIZE poster, detailing the main organs and their functions! I’ve also read some brilliant ‘Underwater World’ pieces of writing which I will comment on more after today, after receiving the rest of your work.



 Easter Holidays 

If we were still at school it would technically be your Easter Holidays beginning from tomorrow…. Of course with things the way that they are, we thought rather than abandon you for 2 x weeks, we’ll still greet you each day with a morning message. Then rather than daily tasks being set, we will give you project-based work to focus on over the 2-week period.

I will continue to set MyMaths work and always let you know when something new has been put up. 

We felt that having access to some online learning will give you some structure to your days and it should also be fun!




L.I: To multiply Decimals

Here is your lesson:


Your task has been set.



 Project 1: Illustration & comic book project 


Watch this brilliant ‘how-to’ video, by Jarrett J. Krosoczka:


He discusses how to sketch and form a character, and in the beginning he shares some his own work from back when he was a child.

Well, I’d like YOU to have a go at doing just that! Please note, the below ‘steps’ are not all to be completed at once, this is a project and should take a number of days to perfect:


  1. Begin sketching a variety of ‘characters’. At first, as JJK states, it should just be a ‘shape’, and then it will slowly evolve into a character. Note the way he sketches – not using thick, blunt lines and not being overly accurate at first.
  2. Start to assign names and ‘profiles’ for your characters
  3. Set out a ‘comic strip style design’, preferably hand-drawn with a ruler, on plain paper. Alternatively you can use the attached comic strip templates.
  4. Before beginning your comic strip, plan a story: Who are your main characters? What is going to happen? Are they brave or cowardly? etc…
  5. Sketch and begin your first draft of your comic strip!


Please send any work to share along the way, particularly your sketching skills, characters, and of course, final comic strips!


 Project 2: Cooking! 


Firstly, I completely understand that this is dependent on

  1. 1. Parent / adult help
  2. 2. Food and cooking utensils

So please do not worry if this project isn’t possible for you. IF however it is….. then prepare yourselves for….


I personally love crumble as a dessert, whether it’s apple, blackberry, rhubarb, plum…. I DON’T MIND! (Even better with custard). Now, its quite a challenge but I’d love you to try and find a recipe of your choice, and email me a photo (and the recipe), displaying your finished result!

I’d also like you to write out:

  1. An imaginative name for your crumble. E.g. Isla’s Indulgent Crumble of Dreams’ (you get the idea)
  2. An ingredients list
  3. Method
  4. Your honest evaluation. Remember, not all baking goes to plan – Did you add enough oats / breadcrumbs? Was the fruit too sour? Did it need a little more / less sugar? Etc..


If only I could taste-test them….! This project is actually based around the DT food-tech project that we were supposed to be doing this term, where we were going to research different types of crumbles (e.g. low sugar / using different types of topping etc..) but I thought it would be a fun way for you to still have a chance of experiencing it and of course, sharing it with your families!

Don’t worry… I’ll be doing it as well and sharing my own Crumble!!


 Weekly Reading 

 You could share a story together. This could be a chapter book where you read and discuss a chapter a day.

 Adults: Listen to your child read and let them discuss what they have read. Encourage them to read with expression and intonation.

 Watch Newsround and discuss what is happening in the wider world.

Explore new vocabulary you find when reading. What are the origins of this word? Can it be modified? Can you find any synonyms or antonyms for your new word?

 Adults: With your child, look in magazines, newspapers and books for new vocabulary they are unfamiliar with. They could use a highlighter to note any points of interest and practise ‘summarising’ techniques.


 Weekly Spelling ideas 

●  Practise the Year 3/4 for Common Exception words .

●  Practise your spelling on Spelling Shed  (email me for your username and login)

 Choose 5 Common Exception words. Write a synonym, antonyms, the meaning and an example of how to use the word in a sentence. Can the word be modified?


 Further projects..... 

I shall be uploading more projects to be thinking about, including ‘animal vs. human teeth’ for Science, and wrapping up our ‘Rivers’ topic, but I think you have enough to be thinking about for now!

As I said earlier, these are all options for you. I hope you find them fun and that you’re also challenging yourself! And I shall check in again with you on Monday J



 A story-a-day! 

Here’s my choice of the day:


The Hula Hoopin’ Queen’ read by Oprah Winfrey



  Today’s fact: A shrimp’s heart is in its head.


Have a fabulous weekend!

  Mrs Phillips  




Thursday 2nd April


  Good morning Year 4!  

Please sign in to your daily register and don’t forget to leave a comment!!


One more day to send in your Easter Bonnet entries!!  

My email address is:


I saw some (quite interesting-looking) science investigation set-ups over email after yesterdays’ science challenge! And your ‘Underwater World’ writing is coming along brilliantly – By now you should be publishing your final writing outcomes.


A story a day

Many well-known Authors at the moment are sharing videos of themselves reading their own work, and I’ve linked one of my firm-favourites below. I certainly enjoyed listening to it and I’m sure you will too!

The Day the Crayons Quit’ by Oliver Jeffers



Todays fact: Apparently, Romans considered a child with a crooked nose carry the powers of leadership.





Reading Comprehension - The Clockwork Crow 



Key vocabulary:


1) meadow: (noun)

A piece of grassland, especially one used for hay.

"a meadow ready for cutting"


A piece of low ground near a river.

"a pleasant campsite in a meadow, complete with sparkling stream"


2) contorted: (adjective)

Twisted or bent out of the normal shape.

"contorted limbs"


3) pinnacle: (noun)

The most successful point; the culmination.

"he had reached the pinnacle of his career"


A high, pointed piece of rock.

“A pinnacle stood on top of the Church”

Now let’s read pages 138 – 142


‘Quick fire questions’:

  1. What ‘looked like crystal’?
  2. Pg.139: Find and copy one word to describe the trees as bent and out of shape? ___________
  3. Why did the Crow call the people at the Palace, ‘snobs’?


Your Task:  L.I: To make links and connections

The Crow said that he could perform magic. How and what might he do help Seren find Tommos? Where have we heard about the Snow Globe before and what does the link seem to be?

Read the (below) attached document to see what your task is for today  


… We only have 3 x more chapters left!! 


Reading Comprehension Task 02.04.20

Mental Maths and Maths Lesson


**Either complete in the back of your exercise book, or on some scrap paper**


Mental starter:


2845 -  ________ = 2745


9372 -  ________ = 8372


6299 +  ________ = 6300


9271 -  ________ = 9251


9274 -  _________ = 7274


2937 +  _________ = 2957


5720 +  _________ = 6020


7205 -  _________ = 7005




L.I: Adding and subtracting decimals


Your main activity today is on ‘MyMaths’ – follow the lesson set, and complete the tasks.


The link to your lesson can be found here:



Your online tasks have been set – You’ll see them when you log on


You’ll need some scrap paper for this task, for noting down column addition / subtraction with decimals!


Mental maths and maths lesson 02.04.20


Have a brilliant day Year 4

I'm looking forward to seeing more of your writing (weekly task - see Monday's work!), science, artwork, and of course.... Easter bonnets!!

  Mrs Phillips  



Wednesday 1st April


Good morning Year 4! Happy April!


Please sign in to your daily register:


The Easter Bonnet entries are ramping up – Keep them coming!

My email address is:


I am utterly impressed by some of the drafts and images I’ve seen of your ‘Underwater worlds’ already, very well done so far!

Today I am setting an exciting TOOTH DECAY investigation! Below you will find a full explanation of the task, questions to ponder over, and a host of resources to look at if you’re unable to do the investigation yourself. No pressure but you may think twice before you reach for your next thirst-quenching drink!  


  Todays fact: The directors of the film; ‘Despicable Me’, actually wrote their own language for the Minions called ‘Minionise’.


  And a bonus fact for Ruby who has worked particularly hard this week: The national animal for Scotland is a Unicorn!





Science Investigation

L.I: To investigate Tooth Decay!


When you hear the term; 'tooth decay', what does it make you think of?

Are you able to define what ‘tooth decay’ is?

Below is a step-by-step lesson all about tooth decay, including an investigation you're going to do, links to videos and clips, and an activity worksheet. 

I have also given alternatives in case it isn't possible to do the investigation - there are options for all! 

 Good luck scientists! 


Science lesson: Instructions, lesson and links to resources

Reading ComprehensionThe Clockwork Crow



Key vocabulary:

1) satisfaction: (noun)

A fulfilment of one's wishes, expectations, or needs, or the pleasure derived from this.

"I looked round with satisfaction"

2) aimlessly: (adverb)

Without purpose or direction.

"We wandered aimlessly round Venice"

3) quartz: (noun)

A hard mineral consisting of silica, found widely in igneous and metamorphic rocks and typically occurring as colourless or white hexagonal prisms. 

Now let’s read pages 130 – 137


‘Quick fire questions’:

  1.     What happened at midnight?
  2.    Name the items that Seren lodged in both of her pockets?
  3. What helped Seren ‘not hear the music’ ?


Your Task:  L.I: To make predictions


Today’s burning questions: What is in the basement?! What will Seren and the Crow see when they get to the bottom of the ladder….?

Well, you’re going to draw and label what you think will be greeting them!

Use the attached page to show your ideas!

Clockwork Crow: Reading Comprehension 01.04.20

Mental Maths and Maths Lesson


**Either complete in the back of your exercise book, or on some scrap paper**


Mental starter:


  1. Half of 68? ________


   2. Double 45? _________


   3. Double 250? _________


   4.Half of 18? ________


   5.Quarter of 100? ________


   6.Three quarters of 100? _________


   7.Double 1001? ____________


   8.Half of 1000? ____________


   9. Half of 1600? ____________


  10. Double 16? ____________




L.I: Adding decimals in columns


Your main activity today is on ‘MyMaths’ – follow the lesson set, and complete the tasks.


The link to your lesson can be found here:


Your online tasks have been set – You’ll see them when you log on

Mental Maths and Maths lesson 01.04.20


Have a great day Year 4

  Mrs Phillips  





Tuesday 31st March


Good morning Year 4!

Please sign in to your daily register:


I was delighted to see Easter Bonnets already appearing in my email inbox yesterday!! J Both homemade and drawn – all have been imaginative and very creative so far! Please keep them coming – You have until Thursday evening / Friday morning.

Just a small note for some who have asked: You can contact me via the ‘contact my teacher’ form at the bottom of the Home-Learning page. The email address is:


I’ve seen some very good pictures and maps of your ‘Underwater Sea Adventure world – I am so looking forward to reading your final outcomes this week (See Monday's writing task for a full explanation).


Here is my fact of the day! Black apples exist! They're found in Tibet (look up where this is on a world map!), and are named 'Black Diamond Apples'. Tune in tomorrow for your next exhilerating fact!!


Have a wonderful day

  Mrs Phillips  

Clockwork Crow - Reading Comprehension 31.03.20

SPAG: Word types and English refresher:


When I set the daily Reading tasks, I always write the ‘word type’ next to the key vocabulary. Use the below link to give yourselves a refresher of them, and try the activities to support your learning!

MyMaths & Daily lessons


I’ve been looking at your MyMaths results and I can see some of you are not logging on or completing all of the tasks – Please email me if you need login reminders. I’ve also extended the time on some of the tasks so that you can catch up later in the week if you need to  


The below link has your:

1) Mental Maths starter 

2) Links to your daily lesson and activities for the day

Mental Maths & Maths Lesson 31.03.20


Please keep emailing me any work that you are particularly proud of, especially your weekly writing work! And don't forget about your Bonnets!


Missing you all

  Mrs Phillips  




   Monday 30th March   


Good morning Year 4! Welcome to a new week of ‘online school !’  

Please sign in to your daily register:


Thank you to so many of you who shared ‘Celebration Certificates’ with me via email – I greatly enjoyed reading who you were proud of and thankful for! J

Please also keep the project work coming in. I’ve seen some very creative Science posters, sketching skills and scientific diagrams – I love seeing what you’re all getting up to! (Scroll below to last weeks’ work if you’re catching up).




With it being the ‘last week of term’, leading up to your Easter Holidays (I know – they will look a little different this year L ), we thought that it’d be a wonderful idea to have the whole school enter their own Easter Bonnet for a school competition!

First if all, don’t panic – We know that nobody can go to a shop at the moment and pick up lots of crafty things etc…

We therefore wish you to only use items that you can find / recreate into a bonnet (think: toilet roll tubes, Cotton wool, carrot peelings, mini eggs – not that I expect you to have any spare..!)

If you don’t have materials to create, you can also draw your design and send it in J

You have this whole week to design and prepare. Please send in your creations in the form of a photo, via email attachment.


Have a positive day

  Mrs Phillips  



Clockwork Crow 30.03.20

Mental Maths and daily lesson

   Weekly Writing Task!   




We’re off on an underwater adventure! For this activity, you’re going to be creating your own imaginary sea-bed city! The more imaginative and ridiculous the better!

I have attached all the instructions that you need (below), plus prompts, help and guidance for your tasks. I'm itching to see what you produce so please feel free to email any of your ideas and stories / brochures / postcards when they are complete!  



Weekly writing task resources: Tasks, help and guidance



Have a great day and please email me if you have any questions or proud pieces of work to share! 


  Mrs Phillips  









Friday 27th March 


  Good morning Year 4!   

Register sign in & morning message: 


As it’s Friday, the teachers couldn't let the day pass without a little 'celebration' for all of your hard work so we thought we'd try a...

      'Celebration Assembly'....with a twist!!  


Today you’re going to be awarding the certificates to people in your family who have helped you this week. Have they taught you something new? Have they helped you solve a problem that was tricky? Have they helped to cheer you or someone else up? Have they done something especially kind?


Below is a PDF with examples of what your certificates could look like - but be as creative as you like. Remember to make your message thoughtful. Dont forget to give the winners a round of applause! I'd LOVE to see some of your efforts so if you're able to, do please share any of them via the 'contact my teacher' section - Please remember to write your own email address in so that I can respond!


Emails & communication: Just a small note to remind you that I cannot respond to the register comments - We read them all and they're truly the highlight of my day! Year 4, Year 6 are each telling a joke a day.... I think we could come up with some better ones??!! 

But if you're wanting a reply or have a question, please remember to email me to the Year 4 address given, and add your own email address in so that I can respond


Do keep the register comments coming and have a wonderful day!

  Mrs Phillips  

Celebration certificates!

Clockwork Crow 27.03.20

Mental Maths & Maths Lesson



Learning Journey & News: Rivers, pollution and climate change -  (weekly) project focus:


With much of the world on 'lockdown', it's interesting to consider the potential impact that this could have on our environment. With less buses, trains, planes and cars in use - How could this have a positive effect on some of the pollution issues that we've been discussing in class over the past term? 

I've added links to CBBC Newsround, discussing ocean pollution and air pollution but I wonder if some of this could / will change 



I'd love you design a poster with some positive messages about countries that have been 'forced' to lower pollution levels due to this awful crisis. You might want to mention:

- Less cars on the road = less air pollution!

- Discuss what river pollution has been doing to the environment (remember the lesson we had shortly before the school closed) 

- Ways in which we can help our planet during such a worrying time


If you'd like to share any work with me, please email to the 'Year 4 - contact my teacher' section (don't forget to write in your own email address so that I can respond!) 



Have a lovely day Year 4 

Mrs Phillips

Thursday 26th March


Good morning Year 4! I hope everybody is staying home, keeping safe and finding the positives each day.

I’ve had a few requests for ‘Times Table Rockstars’ usernames & passwords – Please contact me via email if you have any questions.


Please make sure you sign in again on the virtual register below!


Remember to check below on Monday and Tuesdays' 'Home Learning' to continue with your weekly writing task, science task, and sketching techniques 


Missing you all,

Mrs Phillips

Clockwork Crow 26.03.20

Mental Maths and Maths task 26.03.20

Spelling Shed and Times Table Rockstars


If you are having any issues with logging into 'Times Table Rockstars' or 'Spelling Shed', please send me an email and I'll get it sorted for you 

Have a wonderful day Year 4!


Mrs Phillips

Wednesday 25th March:


Good morning Year 4! I loved reading all of your little messages and notes on the register page yesterday – they truly brightened my day and I’m so pleased you’re all finding the positives in each day. I miss you all very much.


Please make sure you sign in again on the virtual register below!


9am: Why not try and begin your day again with the live Joe Wicks PE session, available here: 

Click here to get active!


Clockwork Crow 25.03.20

Maths 25.03.20

Art - Sketching techniques

Tuesday 24th March 2020


Good morning Year 4! Here is your learning for today and few other links that you might find of interest.

Mrs Phillips

Here is today's register so we can see who checked in today and for you to say hello to your teacher! Follow this link


Why not start the day with some PE with JOE WICKS!

Follow the link below and try a live PE session at home! 


Clockwork Crow 24.03.20

Mental Maths and Maths lesson 24.03.20

Spelling Shed


I have set some spellings for you on 'Spelling Shed' (homophones) - Please ensure you're signed up and check your letter for login details. Please also take the time to explore the website - You can recap all of your Year 4 spellings and play lots of spelling-based games! 

Further science resource - digestive system


Check yesterdays' science 'weekly task' and use this link to help your understanding! 



 Monday 23rd March:

Good morning Year 4! It’ll be a different kind of school day but I’m here to help for any questions you may have along the way J

Mrs Phillips


Reading ComprehensionThe Clockwork Crow:




1. A small tower on top of a larger tower or at the corner of a building or wall, typically of a castle.

"a castle with fairy-tale turrets"

  1. a rotating holder for tools, especially on a lathe.





1. The most successful point; the culmination.

"he had reached the pinnacle of his career"

2.A high, pointed piece of rock.




A horizontal support of timber, stone, concrete, or steel across the top of a door or window.

“The lintel was a dark oak beam above the door”


Snow globe:


A toy or ornament in the form of a transparent dome that encloses a model of a scene and a liquid containing loose white particles which, when shaken, creates the appearance of a snowstorm.

“She vigorously shook the snow globe” 


Now let’s read pages 80 – 87 and stop where the paragraph ends at the top; ‘and then it was dark’.


‘Quick fire questions’ (Remember, these are short, quick ‘retrieval-based’ questions) – You can note your answers in your exercise book, one-word / short explanation is suffice:


  1. What did the Crow explain to be the ‘creaking noise’ that Seren had thought she’d heard?
  2. What did the Crow warn Seren ‘they might smell!’ as they heard footsteps?
  3. What colour was the diary?


Your Task: Complete this in your exercise books with the LI (see below):


I’d like you to imagine that Denzil has seen Seren, and she was asking him a list of ‘interview-style’ questions.

You may want to include questions relating to the amount of snow globes found in the room? Why there were toys still out? etc.


List the questions in your book and try to vary the question-types:

  • How…
  • Why…..
  • What…..


Here is your L.I for today:

L.I: To explore and understand key parts of the story






**Either complete in the back of your exercise book, or on some scrap paper**


Mental starter – You can do all of these mentally (often you may want to use the ‘round-and-adjust’ strategy,


399 + 199:

  • Round 399 to 400
  • Round 199 to 200
  • 400 + 200 = 600
  • ‘Adjust’ – 2
  • 600 – 2 – 598

Your turn:

1) 69 + 29 =

2) 75 – 35 =

3) 145 – 55 =

4) 1055 – 50 =

5) 1500 + 1500 =

6) 1000 – 99 =

7) 299 + 49 =

8) 17 + 82 =

9) 3400 – 299 =

10) 2150 + 149 =



L.I: To Understand decimals on a numberline, and linking it to money


Your main activity today is on ‘MyMaths’ – follow the lesson set, and complete the task.


The link to the lesson can be found:


The link to the online homework can be found:



Things to note:


This is not ‘new’ learning but it focusing more on money in the online lesson.

Remember, as you learnt about tenths being; 1.1,  1.2,  1.3 etc…

In ‘money’ terms, it would be:


£1.10,  £1.20,  £1.30 etc.. (remember with money, you do add the 0 )

Clockwork crow pages if unable to access book