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++++INSET Day - Friday 23rd October - School Closed to Pupils++++Half Term - Monday 26th October to Friday 30th October++++Children Return - Monday 2nd November++++

Project 4: My Isolation Diary 2020

My Isolation Diary 2020


I know that a few of you are doing this already (and thank you to Nancy, who has already shared a few pages of hers with me already!), but I think it's important to understand the history that we are all currently living in. 

In a few years time... in hundreds of years time, children will learn about the Year 2020 and how we all drastically had our lives changed due to Coronavirus Pandemic. History books will be written about this and history lessons will focus on it in schools! It's strange to think now, but it really is a moment in time that you will never forget. And when you're older, you'll be telling children about the time "when we all had to isolate at home and all the shops and schools closed...".

In light of this, I'd like you to all begin writing a daily diary. Perhaps a little introduction to 'what life is currently like' and why, and then a few sentences a day to discuss how you're feeling and what life is like for you now. 

If you have a special notebook then please go ahead and use it. If not, you could type it or write in your exercise book. 

However you record it, this is a moment in your life that you will remember forever. To document this moment is an amazing opportunity for your future-self to look back on one day smiley