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Reception Information

A warm welcome from Crampton Primary School


At Crampton Primary School, we believe that our children are individuals who deserve the highest standards of care and attention.

We are a friendly and happy school which offers each child a breadth and depth of experience in every aspect of their education.

We encourage pupils to be considerate, generous and tolerant of others, to do well in their academic work and in other pursuits.

We feel that it is important for our pupils to grow as individuals and to take responsibility for their actions.

In our school, pupils soon acquire a love of learning in a happy, stimulating and disciplined environment.


Miss Marian Kennedy

Head Teacher

Introduction to our school

Crampton Primary School is a one form entry Inner City School classified as a County School by Southwark Education Authority. We cater for children after their fourth birthday up to secondary transfer age at eleven.

There are seven classes of statutory school age, the school aim to accommodate 30 pupils in each year group. Crampton enjoys an excellent reputation in the local community and is oversubscribed.


The original building was bombed in 1942 and the school operated in temporary accommodation until the present building was opened in 1965. In 1991 we acquired a pleasantly landscaped recreation area called 'The Newland' as part of the playground. A further extension to the main building was added in 2011 creating extra teaching spaces and main reception; there is a large multi-purpose hall and seven classrooms.


Our Vision

We aim to:

  • Create an environment of mutual respect, where everyone has the right to feel safe, supported and secure.
  • Ensure that all children reach their full potential in all areas of their learning, in order to improve their life chances.
  • Maintain and raise our already high expectations, and those of learners and their parents / carers.
  • Ensure that high standards are reached by a rich, varied and exciting curriculum which develops children in a range of ways, including creative and sporting achievement.
  • Encourage children to question, evaluate and make decisions, so that they are pro-active in their own learning.
  • Continue to value and develop our partnership with parents, which is vital in helping children to do as  well as they can.
  • Continue to be a valuable resource for the local community and encourage children to realise that they can make a difference within it.


Staffing in Reception Class

We have one Reception Class per school year with a maximum of 30 children.

A Nursery Nurse and Teaching Assistant are based in the class, who work alongside the class teacher. The children are supervised at all times including when in the lunch hall and during their lunchtime play.


Classroom Organisation

The Reception has its own dedicated cloakroom and toilets; the children also have their own outside play area, as well as being given occasional supervised access to the main playground


Starting Reception Class

Once you have accepted a place, a meeting at home will be organised, this is to enable us to meet your child/ren in their own environment and to explain a little more about starting school. T


Starting Date

We believe it is really important to give your child time to settle into their new school, introduce them to new routines and meet new people. To do this we stagger the children for their first week only


Reception Class do not start on the same date as the main school in September


Staggered start example

  • Monday  & Tuesday - Children are organised into two groups as AM (9.00am - 11.30am ) or PM (12.45pm - 3.15pm)
  • Wednesday - All children start full time


What will your child be doing?

What and how the children learn in Reception Class is based on a range of learning experiences designed for our youngest children. The Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum (EYFS) starts from birth and continues to the end of Reception Class.


How Reception Class is Organised

At Crampton the indoor and outdoor spaces are organised to allow children to move around, to work on the floor and on table tops individually and in small or larger groups.

For most of the sessions, children have continuous access to the indoor and outdoor classroom, however children are guided to specific tasks and provided with short bursts of intensive focused teaching. 

Equipment is organised and labelled so that children know where to find what they need and can be independent. All areas of the curriculum are covered by different experiences and activities that reflect the children's interests and build on their knowledge and skills.

Many activities are based around units which may last for several weeks; some work is seasonal such as winter or spring or festivals and celebrations that are occurring in the world around us but will still be based upon what children need at the time.