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++++INSET Day - Friday 23rd October - School Closed to Pupils++++Half Term - Monday 26th October to Friday 30th October++++Children Return - Monday 2nd November++++

Thursday 9th April 2020

Good morning Busy Bees!


First of all


I want to express my very best wishes to our Jewish families observing Passover, our Muslim families who are observing Shab-E-Barat, and to our Christian families observing Easter. I hope you are able to celebrate as best you can in this unprecedented situation.


Question for you


It's a very sunny day today and I hope you can all enjoy it in some way. I will be sitting and working by an open window in my living room this morning.

If I want to sit in the sun in the afternoon, I will need to move to a room on the opposite side of my house.

Why is that? Do you know? If you do then try and explain your thoughts to an adult. 




There are a few new maths tasks ready for you on MyMaths today. 


Grammar game - To bee or not to bee


This is a little game that tests you on those little verbs that are crucial for linking words in your sentences.


Verbs like; be, do, and have.


These verbs are known as auxiliary verbs and they are the unsung heroes that keep your sentences and stories from falling apart!


You have actually seen the word auxiliary before in our very first term. Can you remember where? Have a think and I will come back and add the answer later on today.


Answer - Auxiliary soldiers helped make up the powerful armies of the Roman Empire. They were not as powerful as the legionaries or generals from Rome but they were still very important to the Empire. Similarly auxiliary verbs may not be the biggest or most powerful words in a story, they are still crucial in helping the story to be as effective as possible.


The grammar bees game is here 

(I am aware that yesterday's art link wasn't working so if any links today don't work then give me a shout either on the register or on my email and I'll try and sort it).


A lovely surprise!


Yesterday I received an email from Spain! Here it is...


Hi Mr Webber!!! 


How are you and everyone?  I really miss everyone in Crampton!  I can't believe everyone is being home educated like me because of quarantine!! 😝  By the way, I created a game for everyone on Scratch and I would love it if you could play it. If you want to play it then here is the link:  


I hope you, your family and everyone at Crampton are well.  Please say hi to everyone for me!


Best wishes, 

Amelie (your ex-student) x 


Todays register is hereYou could leave a little message for Amelie if you wanted. She's made a game for you which is incredibly thoughtful so I know what I would say to her.


Mini/slightly silly-task


I know at school we often teach you to be careful when working and playing online and that is still true. But we also try to emphasise the positive side of it too and when I read this lovely email from Amelie (did you guess it would be from her?) it made me think about the amazing way the internet is helping to keep us all connected at a time where we can't physically see one another.

Think about what you wouldn't have been able to do without the internet. I wouldn't be sending you these daily messages for a start! 


If you could give a certificate to the internet for its hard work over the past two weeks what would it say? Design a little certificate to say thank you to this amazing invention explaining why you have been thankful for it since lockdown.


And remember to give it a round of applause!


Last thing


I am going to have a little break over the next few days but I will back next Wednesday.


Look after yourselves and your families,


Mr Webber


p.s. I almost forgot! #washyourhands ;-)