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++++INSET Day - Friday 23rd October - School Closed to Pupils++++Half Term - Monday 26th October to Friday 30th October++++Children Return - Monday 2nd November++++

Tuesday 7th April 2020

Hi Year 3,


I hope you are all ok.


The Underwater City from yesterday’s post should keep you busy this week but I will be adding one or two other activities across the week.


You can do all of them or none of them, it’s up to you!


Be Active


Fancy a dance? There are lots of dance videos you can try here at GoNoodle. Maybe try some Harry Potter themed yoga here? It is recommended that you try and do 2 hours of exercise a week but any exercise you can do is better than nothing!




There is a MyMaths homework task ready for you when you log in. 


Spelling challenge


Choose one Common Exception word from this list.

  1. Give an example of how to use the word in a sentence.
  2. Can the word be changed into a verb/adjective/noun/adverb?
  3. Can you find any other words that have a similar meaning (these are called synonyms) – use this online thesaurus to help you (


Here’s an example of how it might look in your book


  1. Mr Webber dropped paint all over the floor by accident!
  2. Adverb – accidentally

Noun – accident

Adjective – accidental

  1. Synonyms that also mean accident


calamity            collision                misfortune        calamity


I will put some of your Easter bonnets up for display later on this morning so don’t forget to check back to see them.


Have a good day everyone,

Mr Webber