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Wednesday 1st April 2020

Bonjour la classe. Aujourd’hui nous sommes mercredi le premier avril.


Can you translate this sentence from French into English? If you can, tell me what you think it says in today’s register - Mason, you’re not allowed to ask your mum ;-)


Register here


Before we start… I’ve baked some brownies for all of you! Sadly, we aren’t at school to enjoy them together but I will still be able to give them to you. All you need to do is come to the year 3 page again at quarter-past two this afternoon. Don’t forget!


Draw with Rob


I know you enjoyed these when we did them at school. Rob has added some more drawings for you to try!






Well done for your hard work on fractions so far. You half (have) to keep going though because here is your next lesson.


Good luck!




I hope you enjoyed finishing the chapter for Fabio the great flamingo detective. Remember to send me any writing you want me to see!


Have a look at this picture and answer the questions neatly in your exercise book. I want to know what you think is going on so your opinion is important for these questions.



  1. Why do you think the boy is hanging from the tree?
  2. Why is she wearing ice skates but he isn’t?
  3. What might she be saying to him?
  4. How is he going to get down?


Writing task


Write a short diary entry from the point of view of the boy in the picture above. Use this opening sentence to help start if you like…


Dear Diary,

                  Something very embarrassing happened to me today.


(use the questions from the reading task to add detail to your diary entry)




I know lots of you will be working out with Joe Wickes but here is a slightly different way to exercise with an Olympic athlete. There are lots of stretches in this one but you need really good balance to do them. If you don’t have good balance then make sure you take any bowls of soup you might have on your head off before trying this workout.


Try the work out here


Have a great day today you lot and don’t forget to come back at quarter past two! Happy April 1st!


Mr Webber