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++++INSET Day - Friday 23rd October - School Closed to Pupils++++Half Term - Monday 26th October to Friday 30th October++++Children Return - Monday 2nd November++++

Week 1

Thursday 9th April 2020


Good Morning Year 1, I have received lots of emails with some of the activities you have been doing this week and I am SUPER impressed by all of your hard work! If you have any photos of activities you would like to share please email me at 


It has been great thinking of activities for you to enjoy at home but over the next few days the teachers will be taking a little break from their computers, and will return on Wednesday 15th to give you some more activities. 


I know you’re all missing each other very much and the teachers are missing you too!

Sign in to today’s register below to check in and say hello – I enjoy reading the messages you leave, maybe you could tell me what work you have enjoyed the most so far?



Activity- Family booklet


Create a booklet all about the family: - Can they name the people in their family and write sentences about them? Who are they? What do they call them? What do they like or dislike? Why are they special to them? Maybe they could get a photograph or draw a family member before they write about them.


Activity-Family home 

Create a song about ‘Where you live’ - Can you add your address in your song?


Activity -Family Jobs 



What jobs do the people in your family do? Talk to your child about your job and what you do. What would they like to be when they grow up? Can they draw a picture of themselves in the job they would like to do and write a few sentences why.


Activity -Time capsule



A time capsule is a container that holds present day items, such as photos, newspapers (if you still receive those), letters and more. It’s typically hidden away for your future self or someone of your choosing to open. This is perfect as a gift to yourself!


Choose a container – is it weatherproof? Where will you store it?

Decorate it/label it – Remember to add the year to open (don’t open it before then)

Add items – They should be personalised and fun


Things you could include

Certificates/ribbons from sports games

School papers/art projects

Photos from the past year/years

Party items such as confetti

A book with a special note

A letter to your future self

Things you would like to do once quarantine is over.


Activity - Rainbow experiment



I’m wishing our Jewish families celebrating, a happy and healthy Passover.

For our Christian families celebrating Easter, I’m wishing you a happy Easter and 

to our Muslim families a happy Shab-E-Barat. 


Lots of Love, 

Miss Cumberbatch 

Wednesday 8th April 2020 

Good morning Year 1, I hope you're enjoying the break. How is everyone today? (Respond on the register) I can't believe how lovely the weather has been, I've had all of the windows open trying to let in that bright, warm sunshine! What have you been doing? Today I will add a few more activities which I hope you can enjoy. 



If you would like to contact me, this is my email address: 


Please sign today's register below: 



Activity - Invitation to a show 


Ask your child to invite a family members to one of the following:  -  (talent show, music show, magic tricks, comedy or even storyelling) In their invitation ask them to think about the time, date and place. How will they design the invitation? Who will they invite?


Let them plan and set up a whole show for later in the day - props, stage, lights!


Then sit back and enjoy the show they have created. Let them showcase their talents to the whole family 


Activity - Shopping list 

Work on a shopping list for the weekly shop (Children writing the list) and get children to add up how many items and add up the cost of some items. 



Activity - News reporter 



The challenge is to interview family members and find things out about them. Can they write down things they like and dislike? Can they compare these to someone else in their family? In the interview they could create flashcards with words such as: colour, clothes, food, drinks, books, places, music and then ask a family member to pick a flash card and talk about their likes and dislikes.



Activity - Lockdown 2020 Family Handprints (Keepsake)



Why not make a salt dough keepsake? 


500g plain flour
250g salt
250 ml water
Mix into a dough
Roll out then press handprints
Bake in oven on lowest temp for 3-4 hours
Paint then varnish to seal.










Tuesday 7th April 2020 

Good morning Year 1, Today I will add a few more activities which you can choose to do if you like. It is important that you have plenty of opportunity to practise key skills each day such as reading, listening to stories, writing and maths. They can be made fun, and almost every activity can be made educational. Did anyone get a chance to complete any of the activities yesterday? I would love to see them! If you would like to share, email me 


Please sign today's register below: 




Activity - Design a personal shield 



Find out what a coat of arm shield is. 

Think about your own design

What could you draw?

What does it mean to you and your family?

What are your favourite colours?

What shapes could you use?


If there is some cardboard around the house you could always bring your design to life and make the shield and give it to a family member. 




Activity - Data detectives


Look at people in the house and think about other family members who you speak to often. 

What colour hair do they have?

Eye colour?

Favourite colour?

Favourite food?


Collect the data and place it in a tally chart and collect as much data as you can. 

Can you tell me which fruit people liked the most/least. 

How many people had brown eyes?

What food does your family prefer?



Activity - Board Game 




Think about all the board games you have played with your family...and how to play them! 

Snakes and ladders

Shopping list 

Guess who 

Hamster race 




Can you design your own board game?


What is the aim of your game?

Who will win and how do they win? What are the rules?






Monday 6th April 2020 


Good morning Year 1.  It's the beginning of the Easter Holidays and I will be checking in with you throughout the week and sharing a whole host of creative home school ideas that can keep you busy! 

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I can not respond to register comments, so if you would like to share some ideas or ask a question, my email address is



First things first, did you all have a look at everyone's Easter Bonnet from the competition last week?

If not, head over to last weeks page to have a peek at who won. Also, check out other class pages to have a look at the amazing designs from other year groups.


As I had some good feedback from the Jack and the beanstalk and the Alien work,  I thought we could base our activities around a theme. This weeks theme will be MY FAMILY. 




Activity - Maths 


Who do you live with?

How many adults? How many children?

Can you sort family members by age, height. Is the tallest family member the eldest?

If you draw around all of your family members hands could you could how many fingers altogether? (challenge counting in 5's)

What if you drew around feet? How many pairs of feet (challenge counting in 2's).



Activity - Interview 


Is there a family member you would love to interview. Write down all the questions you would like to ask them and then interview them...Don't forget your question marks. 

Have you got a pet?

Do you like cereal?

What is your favourite colour?

Do you like unicorns?



Activity - Family Portrait




Can you find different materials around your home to create a family portrait.



Activity - Designing a card 



Have you got a birthday coming up? Can you design a card for someone in your family?

 It can be a birthday card, thank you card, or a card just telling someone how much you miss them. What stamp would you put on your envelope?



Activity - Family Tree




Get out the old photo albums! Look at the photos and think about where everyone would go on a family tree. Is there anyone you could ask for more information? Can you make your own family tree?