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++++INSET Day - Friday 23rd October - School Closed to Pupils++++Half Term - Monday 26th October to Friday 30th October++++Children Return - Monday 2nd November++++

Week 1 Activities

Thursday 9th April


Good morning Year 6, I hope you enjoyed doing a bit of Science yesterday. We teachers are going to have a bit of a break over the Easter weekend, and you deserve to too! So this will be my last post until next Wednesday, and I won't be checking emails either. I have posted an idea for next week in the Weekly Projects page (look for the chick!) if you would like to have a go - I think it's an exciting one.


Before I go though, I’ve got two more ideas to keep you entertained today. Sign the register and then have a go!


Keep safe and have fun, Year 6, I'll be thinking of you all. See you next week. - Miss Hoyle



I have three riddles for you.


I have streets but no pavement,
I have cities but no buildings,
I have forests but no trees,
I have rivers yet no water.
What am I?


You may enter, but you may not come in,
I have space, but no room,
I have keys, but open no lock.
What am I?


What gets wetter as it dries?


The answers are right at the bottom of this page, don’t check until you’ve worked them out!


Now, it’s your turn. Here are some top tips for writing a riddle:

  • Choose your answer. A noun is easiest, use an abstract noun to give yourself a challenge
  • Think of some words and phrases to describe your answer (what does it look like, sound like, what does it do, how is it used, who uses it, are there any puns or interesting synonyms?)
  • Choose 2-4 of these facts/words to be your clues
  • Now start your riddle with ‘I am/have…’ or ‘What has…’
  • Challenge yourself to give it rhythm and rhyme, imagery, synonyms or personification
  • Share it with a family member – if no one can solve it, you may need to make it a bit simpler!




Time to put on a shadow puppet show! Watch the video, check out the picture below and have a practice. You’ll need a light shining at your hands (perhaps time to ask a family member to help out?) and a blank surface or wall.


When you’ve perfected some shapes, and maybe taught some to someone else too, put on a little play (you could make up a story or think about Aesop’s fables!).

Wednesday 8th April


Good morning Year 6, it’s Wednesday and if we were in school we would be doing Science this afternoon, so I have some science-themed activities for you today.


Sign the register here, and enjoy your day! Remember, I love to see pictures of what you’ve been up to.



Look at these stunning photos from the National Wildlife Photography of the Year exhibition:

I especially love this image, taken by a boy not much older than you:




Make invisible ink!


Write a secret message (perhaps a WWII-themed code?) on a piece of white paper using a cotton bud and lemon juice, then let it dry completely. Hold the paper up to a heat source (a hob or a hairdryer would be perfect for this) and watch your secret message appear on the page!


This happens because inside lemon juice, an acid, there are tiny groups (compounds) of elements including carbon. Carbon is an element found in all sorts of materials on Earth, just as common as oxygen. Heat breaks down the carbon compounds so the carbon is freed from other elements it was attached to. When pure carbon meets oxygen in the air, oxidisation happens and turns the carbon black or brown. That’s why you can now read your message.


Oxidisation doesn’t just happen when there is heat – some fruits oxidise all by themselves, think of an apple slice which turns brown around the edges when it has been left out too long. That’s the same process.


Try this experiment with other acidic liquids, like apple juice or vinegar. Which works best? Why do you think that is?

Tuesday 7th April


Good morning Year 6! Here's today's register. I hope you enjoyed getting started on one of the projects yesterday, and also got out to enjoy the sunshine! Whilst you carry on working on your project, here are some little activities I wanted to share...


Have a lovely Tuesday!



Exercise your brain with this quiz about climate change




Listen to a podcast! All my friends know I am obsessed with podcasts and finding out weird and wonderful new things.


Today, have a listen to Fun Kids Science Weekly, I really loved this episode: about aliens and crocodiles.

If you don’t have spotify, you can find this podcast on any other podcast app, or here:


1) a map

2) a keyboard

3) a towel