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++++INSET Day - Friday 23rd October - School Closed to Pupils++++Half Term - Monday 26th October to Friday 30th October++++Children Return - Monday 2nd November++++

Week 2

Happy Friday!


Don’t forget to sign the register below and say hello.




As I mentioned on the main Year Two page, from Monday we will be using Seesaw as our main platform for online learning. Please ensure you sign up using the sheet on the Home learning page. 


Here are your holiday activities. 



First have a go at this quiz to see which art superhero you would be! I had lots of fun taking this quiz.

Lots of lovely colouring in sheets can be found here that have all of our favourite story characters. 


Find out which animals are your family members' favourites and why. Have a family debate about whether zoos should exist? Do your family members have a different opinion to you? Should animals be kept as pets? Write down what you think.


Use this website to find out which animals are considered to be sacred around the world and why? What does the word ‘sacred’ mean?

Who admires cows? Lions? Wolves?

Which animals were important to the Egyptians and why? 



Can you make this paper plate caterpillar?



I have also included some maths activities for you below.


Have a great day.


Miss Stokes

Good Morning Year 2, 


Happy Thursday! Don’t forget to sign the register and say hello.



Before we go any further, today is a very special day… is…..



Our lovely Sakura’s birthday!!




We hope you have a wonderful day.


Here are some activities for you to enjoy during your holiday.



Watch this video of how the British landscape and animals change through the seasons. Can you create a  piece of art based on what you have just watched?


Choose a book and go through it with an adult. You can use one you have at home or one from this online library Can you find any words that you don’t know the meaning of? Use a children’s dictionary or this website  to find out the meaning of the words. Can you use them in a sentence?


Have a go at making this cardboard starfish:



I have attached some fun maths activities for you below. 


Have a great day. 


Miss Stokes 


Good Morning Year 2,


Happy Wednesday! I hope you had a good long weekend and you managed to enjoy yourself!  Don’t forget to sign the register and say hello:



Before we go any further, yesterday was a very special day… was…..*DRUMROLL PLEASE* 


Our lovely Ishana’s birthday!!





We hope you had a wonderful day.



As it is still your break I have some fun activities for you to have a go at!


Visit this free online library to read some new books.  


Write a description of a fictional (made up) animal that has just been discovered. Think about what it looks like, where it lives and what it eats. Draw a picture to show what this new creature is like.


Enjoy this video about how baby birds are raised. Can you design a poster explaining what happens?  


Can you create this owl using materials at home?



I have also included some maths activities for you below. 


Have a great day.


Miss Stokes