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++++INSET Day - Friday 23rd October - School Closed to Pupils++++Half Term - Monday 26th October to Friday 30th October++++Children Return - Monday 2nd November++++

Week 2 Activities

Friday 17th April


Good morning Year 6, it’s the last weekday of the Easter Holidays and I hope you’ve done lots of creative things over the last two weeks! Please make sure that you have asked your parents to sign permission for you to use Seesaw. Today I have a couple of final activity ideas which I hope you enjoy. Make sure to sign the register, and I'll see you on Seesaw on Monday! 



‘Toilet Roll Bowling’

Yes, you read that correctly, have a go at creating a bowling alley with toilet roll, kitchen paper or wrapping paper tubes. Usually there are 10 skittles arranged in a pyramid formation, but you could do it with 6 or even 3 if you don’t have enough! Apart from the skittles, you’ll need a pair of rolled up socks as your bowling ball and a flat, smooth surface (the floor in your kitchen is probably perfect!). Bowl from about 3 metres away if you have the space. Keep score – remember, getting all of them on the first roll is a strike!




I have a website recommendation for you. The Tate art gallery has a brilliant ‘kids’ section full of arts and crafts ideas, quizzes, artist studies and games.


I especially love their make your own street art game and the section on Surrealism, I wonder if you could create some surrealist art?


Main site:

Surrealism section:

Make your own street art:

Thursday 16th April


Good morning Year 6! Sign the register here.


A little bit more science for you this morning…



Can you make a rainbow in a glass?


You need 3-5 glasses, with about 50ml of water in each. Put 1tsp of sugar in the first glass, 2tsp of sugar in the second glass, and so on. Stir each glass so the sugar dissolves, then add colouring so each glass is a different colour (if you don’t have food colouring, be creative – use squash, juice, anything that will colour the water).


You have made solutions (a mixture made of two or more substances – in this case, water, sugar and colouring) which have different densities (the solutions with more sugar are more dense, because more substance has been dissolved into the water). Denser liquids will not mix with less dense liquids, just like if you try to mix oil with water.


Pour the solution with the most sugar into a large glass (tall and narrow is best), then carefully and slowly pour over the next most dense solution and so on, until the solution with 1tsp of sugar is at the top. Watch how the densest solution sits at the bottom, and the colours do not mix.


Eventually the solutions will bleed together and finally mix, as they are all made up of sugar and water, which can mix with each other. Once they have mixed, they will not separate out again, unlike water and oil which cannot mix with one another. Congratulations, you have just investigated density! Can you try it with other liquids?




Make a paper aeroplane! Here is a website with instructions on how to make over 40 different types of plane! Try a couple of different techniques then carry out your own tests – which flies furthest? Which stays in the air the longest? Which flies in the straightest line? Challenge your family to a contest!



Wednesday 15th April


Good morning Year 6! I hope you enjoyed your long weekend, and Happy Easter to those of you who celebrated! I really enjoyed going on my daily walks in the sunshine, tell me in the register here what you got up to. Here are two activity ideas for today, and I hope some of you are having fun with your theme parks.



Here is a delicious recipe for Hot Cross cookies!


The recipe requires ingredients you may already have in the house, and they will be ready in half an hour. They’re also much simpler to make than hot cross buns!


If you don’t fancy it, or don’t have the ingredients, have a look at this page on the Good Food website for some other ideas:

I think the carrot cake and brownie bites look especially nice!




Here's another quiz for you, this time all about weird and unusual animals: