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++++INSET Day - Friday 23rd October - School Closed to Pupils++++Half Term - Monday 26th October to Friday 30th October++++Children Return - Monday 2nd November++++

Week 1

Thursday 8th March 2020


Good Morning Year 2, 


Happy Thursday!


There are some religious festivals taking place over the next few days. Best wishes to our Muslim families who are observing Shab-E-Barat, to our Jewish families observing Passover. and to our Christian families observing Easter. 


It has been wonderful spending the last few days with you and I have really enjoyed seeing all the lovely work you have sent me. You are a very hard working class! Over the next few days the teachers are going to have a mini Easter break and we will be back next Wednesday. As the blog will not be updated for a few days I have included lots of fun activities for you to do below.


Enjoy this story called Library Lion. I think it will make you smile. Can you write a story about an animal being where it is not supposed to be? 


Find out about:

What are mammals?

What are amphibians?

What are birds?

What are fish?

What are reptiles?

What are minibeasts?


Use this website to help you. Can you create an information leaflet about your favourite type of animal? 


 Can all animals be kept as a pet? Think about a particular animal and find out if that animal could be a pet. Draw pictures of different animals. Sort the animals into two groups; suitable for a pet and not suitable for a pet. Explain why animals were sorted in a particular way.


Design a leaflet explaining to potential pet owners what each animal will need. Try and interview a pet owner (you could do this over the phone or through a message with your grown up's help) to discuss the responsibilities involved with looking after an animal. How often do they need to find their pet? Who helps clean? What does their pet eat?







Find some pegs at home. Can you ​create your own mini animal or object, cut it in half and stick it to a peg.  




This strange drawing is by artist Leonora Carrington. She was a surrealist artist who created paintings and drawings based on her dreams, memories and imagination. Surrealists often put strange, unlikely objects or animals together to create weird made-up characters. I have attached a pdf for you below that includes a game that you can play. In this game you pick cards representing an object, an animal or a plant and create a made-up character by drawing a combination of what you have picked.







Have a go at making this Cardboard Chameleon!


I have also attached some fun maths activities for you to have a go at.

Enjoy your time off and I will be back with you next week. 


Have a great day.


Miss Stokes 





Wednesday 8th April 2020


Good Morning Year 2,


Happy Wednesday. Thank you for sharing with me the crafts you have made. They are so creative and inventive.  You have really cheered me up. 




Firstly, I thought you might enjoy this video of a group of scientists going on an expedition to observe polar bears. It’s quite long so you might want to have a break in the middle.

When you’ve finished watching think about:


  • What special adaptations do polar bears have that help them survive on the Tundra?
  • What can you do to help polar bears and their habitat?
  • How do scientists study polar bears?


If you would like you can write down your answers in your exercise book or talk about them with a grown up.


Another idea is to create an animal bookmark. On one side you can draw a picture of your animal and on the other write facts about it.


You might also want to try making a milk carton elephant using recyclable materials from your home.









Finally, I have attached some more fun maths ideas below for you to try. 


Have a great day. 


Miss Stokes

Tuesday 7th April 2020



Good Morning Year 2! Happy Tuesday! Before we go any further, I have a VERY exciting announcement.......... drumroll please......








Everyone at Crampton hopes you have the most magical day Zara and we are sending all of our birthday love. 





Did you enjoy the whale yesterday? I hope so. 




As our theme is Animals I have some more exciting animal related ideas for you to try today. 


Can you write down the alphabet and think of an animal that begins with every letter? I had a little go and it is REALLY hard! There are still a couple of letters that I just can’t get.


Write a set of questions about an animal you would like to know more about and then see if you can find the answers online (with the help of an adult of course).


Take this fun quiz to see which art animal you would be!


Use found objects in your home to draw around and create animal pictures. Below are some ideas:






Easter Maths


I have attached two fun maths activities for you to try over the holiday. You don't need to do them both today! 




Have a great day.


Miss Stokes


Monday 6th April 2020


Good Morning Year 2. Happy Monday! I hope you are enjoying your Easter break. Did you manage to look at everyone’s Easter Bonnet collections last week? If you haven’t then head on over to each class page to see some pictures of some wonderful creations. I really enjoyed seeing the different designs.



I was thinking about what we really love in Year 2 and decided this week our theme will be...





  Firstly, I thought you would enjoy this webcam of the incredible Beluga Whale exhibit from Georgia Zoo. I’ve spent hours watching this majestic creature.


I also thought you might enjoy this fun story called Clark the Shark. It made me smile!


Here is a crafting activity using materials you probably have at home. Can you make an egg box mouse? It’s very cute! 






I will be back tomorrow with some more holiday ideas for you!


Have a great day.


Miss Stokes