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Weekly Projects

Week 2


Design your own Theme Park!


Firstly, your theme park should have a THEME – what will it be? Safari? Mountains? Sharks? Chocolate? Your theme will inform lots of your decisions; the rides, the decorations, the advertising, even the food shared there! It will also help you decide on a name. Have a look at the photos below if you need inspiration.


Then, you need to think about what people can do in your theme park:

  • ‘Thrillseeker’ rides – these are the big, scary ones; you should have at least two or three, and they could be water rides!
  • Family/children’s rides – are you going to have a specific area for children? What will that look like?
  • Attractions – like a haunted house, an amusement arcade, bouncy castles
  • Special activities – what do you offer customers that they won’t find at any other theme park? Perhaps a petting zoo, an aquarium, an IMAX cinema, live performances (music, theatre, dance), a high-ropes course, go-karts, the possibilities are endless


You also need to include amenities (useful features), such as:

  • Entrance – ticket booths and turnstiles
  • Food and drink stalls – there should be a few different ones
  • Toilets
  • Parking
  • Seating areas
  • Help desk and first aid facility


Everything should further the THEME of your theme park – from the rides to the entrance desk. People should never forget where they are!


When you have drawn a map of your park and thought about the key features, you could then:

  • Write/perform/record an advert – you could video it for TV!
  • Write a ‘press release’ informing the newspapers about what this new theme park is
  • Write a newspaper report describing the new park – you could even make up an interesting (or controversial) history
  • Think about running costs and how much you will charge for entry – you may need a loan from the bank, in which case you should create a presentation to persuade them


After you’ve done the technical stuff, it’s time to get hands-on and build a model of your flagship roller-coaster!

  • Design the rollercoaster, think about loop-the-loops, vertical drops, high/low sections, the carriage for passengers (have a look at the photos below for inspiration)
  • Gather materials – you might choose to use paper/card, straws, matchsticks/kebab skewers, string, elastic bands, glue, Sellotape, paint, other decoration. Use anything you can find around the house! (Ask permission first please!)
  • Take your time, it may not work at first! Trial and error is an important step here


Finally, it’s time to create some artwork

  • Draw, sketch or paint part of the par
  • Create a collage of the park
  • Print a logo (it could be inspired by pop art!)

Week 1


My Own Board Game

Design your own board game! First, think about what kind of game you want it to be:

  • Will players move through the board on a journey, like Monopoly, Snakes and Ladders or the Game of Life?
  • Will it be more strategy-based, like Battleships or Mastermind?
  • What is the aim? To get to the end of the board first? To collect the most of something (money, cards, items)? To solve a problem?


Then think about how it will be played:

  • Will there be cards that ask questions (like Articulate) or chance cards (like Monopoly)?
  • What will the theme be? It could be historical, e.g. Ancient Greece, or based in a particular place e.g. under the sea
  • How will players move? Think about player pieces (like counters), dice, spinners, timers
  • What are the rules? Is there anything you are not allowed to do? Is it single player or a team game?


Finally, play the game alone or with your family, and refine the rules until you are happy with it! Send me a photo so I can see.


Equipment you might need: cardboard (the back of a large cereal box would be an ideal size), pens/paint, scissors, glue, figurines/counters, dice/spinner/timer, blue tack/play dough for modelling, paper/card for playing cards



Nature vs Nurture

Think about what makes you, you

  • Personality
  • Appearance
  • Skills and dreams for the future

How much of this do you think is determined by your genes and how much is determined by your family and your upbringing? Do some research into genes and the nature/nurture debate – this website might be a good place to start. Maybe you get your brown eyes from your Dad (nature) and your love of chocolate from your Mum (nurture). Put together a poster with a picture of you at the centre! When you finish, try it out with other family members – did your Dad get his sense of humour from his Dad? Has your little sister actually learned some traits from you?



Recreated Masterpiece Challenge

The Getty Museum in California has challenged people to recreate a work of art with objects (and people!) in your home.

  • Choose your favourite artwork
  • Find three things lying around your house
  • Recreate the artwork with those items
  • Share the results with me and I will post them on this page!


Have a look on some London gallery websites to inspire you:


And these pictures might help too…