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++++October Half Term - Monday 21st October to Friday 25th October++++Children Return - Monday 28th October++++

Year 2

Hello and Welcome to the new Academic Year, here in Year 2!


A few dates and days to remember:

- PE is on Tuesdays and Fridays, please make sure your child has their PE kit on these days.

- Spellings are set every Monday and tested on Fridays.

Homework is set on Wednesdays and should be returned by the following Monday

It has been an excellent start to the year and we have already begun learning about Christopher Columbus in our 'Explorers' topic, and observed a variety of different plants in Science, ahead of our first Unit on this in Year 2. 

I have attached a few photographs to show the children exploring and identifying different features of plants during Science last week.  

Please speak to me if you have any queries regarding Year 2 and I look forward to seeing you properly at our meeting next week.

Mrs Phillips




Everyday Maths! 

As mentioned in the Year 2 Curriculum Leaflet, it is so important for children to experience the purpose of maths in real life settings. This could include:

- Using money when out and about (working out the change or adding up items to pay)

- Cooking (measuring / counting in 2s, 3s, 5s or 10s / timing etc..)

- Time (what the time is at various intervals during the day / timing the duration of certain activities)

Fractions (when playing, if children 'split in half' or thirds / sharing toys between siblings or friends)


Whilst those are only a few examples, in School we have been applying our knowledge of Right Angles to objects around the school. Year 2 have been investigating which objects own a right angle and through this they have created 'rules' for certain shapes, according to their properties. You can see some pictures below of their investigation: 


I always welcome any stories about learning at home so please share if your child has been using any maths in 'real life' settings!


Miss Jackson






Thank you to all those who attended the assessment meeting last week. I have attached some suggestions provided by The Literacy Tree, for reading book ideas and ones to look out for in your local library. It is essential that we are engaging children in texts that provide a range of adventurous vocabulary, as well as challenging them with questions about the text!


Miss Jackson


(Approximate age guide 5-9)
- Claude in the City (and other Claude books) Alex T. Smith
- Ottoline and the Yellow Cat (and Ottoline at School and Ottoline at Sea books) Chris Riddell
- You’re a Bad Mr Gum (and subsequent Mr Gum books) Andy Stanton
- The Brilliant World of Tom Gates (and subsequent Tom Gates books) L. Pichon
- Madame Pamplemousse (and subsequent books) Rupert Kingfisher
- No Kiss for Mother - Tomi Ungerer
- Spud Goes Green - Giles Thaxton
- Cartoon Kid - Jeremy Strong
- Fizzlebert Stump: The Boy Who Ran Away From the Circus (and Joined the Library) - A. F Harrold
- The Cat Who Wanted To Go Home - Jill Tomlinson
- Amazing Esme (and Amazing Esme and the Sweetshop Circus) - Tamara Macfarlane
- Clone Chaos (and other Lunar adventures) - Simon Bartram
- The Dragonsitter Josh Lacey
- Flat Stanley (and other Flat Stanley books) - Jeff Brown
- Stitch Head - Guy Bass
- The Grunts in Trouble - Philip Ardagh
- The First Adventure - Emily Bearn
- Muncle Trogg (and other Muncle Trugg books) - Janet Foxley
- Operation Robot Storm (and subsequent Mythical 9th Division books) - Alex Milway
- Hugo Pepper (and other Far Flung adventures) - Chris Riddell and Paul Stewart
- The Legend of Spud Murphy - Eoin Colfer
- Billy the Kid - Michael Morpurgo & Michael Foreman

Measuring height in Maths!

Measuring height in Maths! 1
Measuring height in Maths! 2
Measuring height in Maths! 3
Measuring height in Maths! 4
Measuring height in Maths! 5

We have been very busy in Year 2 learning how to measure using metres and centimetres. After we measured our heights, we then compared them using indices <   or    >    

If you have access to any measuring resources at home, please continue to investigate!


Miss Jackson

Year 2 road safety experts! ... And some teacher participation!

Year 2 road safety experts! ... And some teacher participation!  1

Welcome to Year 2!

Hello and welcome to the second part of this Autumn Term!


The Children have settled well into Year 2 and I am very much looking forward to helping them work towards their personal targets as we move closer to Christmas. Please note that we will continue to do Spelling tests on Fridays and new homework is given out every Wednesday, and returned on the following Monday


Miss Jackson


We had an enjoyable trip last half term to The Cutty Sark following our topic: 'Explorers'. The children were able to explore the ship and learn about the conditions for sailors travelling across the sea and the problems that they faced. Please take a look at some of the photographs below, taken on the trip!


Miss Jackson

Year 2 trip to the Cutty Sark

Year 2 trip to the Cutty Sark 1 All aboard!
Year 2 trip to the Cutty Sark 2
Year 2 trip to the Cutty Sark 3
Year 2 trip to the Cutty Sark 4
Year 2 trip to the Cutty Sark 5 A letter home to loved ones whilst on board
Year 2 trip to the Cutty Sark 6 A letter home to loved ones whilst on board