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++++October Half Term - Monday 21st October to Friday 25th October++++Children Return - Monday 28th October++++

Year Four

Curriculum Over-view


Autumn Term

Learning Journey: Anglo Saxons and Vikings


We will be reading:

  • FArTHER by Grahame Baker-Smith


In Science we will:

Learn about 'Animals, including humans' (Autumn 1)

  • Describe the simple functions of the basic parts of the digestive system in humans
  • Identify the different types of teeth in humans and their simple functions
  • Construct and interpret a variety of food chains, identifying producers, predators and prey

Learn about 'Electricity'(Autumn 2)

  • Identify common appliances that run on electricity
  • Construct a simple series electrical circuit, identifying and naming its basic parts, including cells, wires, bulbs, switches and buzzers.
  • Identify whether or not a lamp in a simple series circuit, based on whether or not the lamp is part of a complete loop with a battery
  • Recognise that a switch opens and close a circuit and associate this with whether or not a lamp lights in a simple series circuit
  • Recognise some common conductors and insulators, and associate metals with being good conductors. 

In History we will:

Learn about 'Life after the Romans' - Chronology focus

  • Learn about Egburt: First Anglo Saxon King
  • Learn about Invasions: Viking raids and settlements
  • Learn about Key Battles: Battle of York & Battle of Edington (Guthrum)
  • Learn about Alfred the Great
  • Learn about Danelaw
  • Source information: Archaeology, 'The Anglo Saxon Chronicles'
  • Learn about Religion, superstition and the movement to Christianity  

In Geography we will:

  • Ask 'How did climate change influence 'The Anglo Saxon Chronicles'
  • Name and locate counties in the UK
  • Use of ships: Key differences between Anglo Saxons and Vikings

In PSHCE we will:

Learn about Health and Wellbeing

  • Healthy Eating: Food Choices and a balanced diet
  • Drug Education: Effects of alcohol and making safe decisions
  • Strong feelings and mood swings
  • Puberty: Emotional and physical changes
  • Citizenship: Types of behaviour and consequences 

In Music we will:

  • Identify tempi - speeds of music
  • Effects of sound: What is texture?
  • Identify rhythmic patterns

In RE we will:

Learn about Religions in Southwark (Autumn 1)

  • What religions and world views are represented in our neighbourhood

Learn about Hinduism (Autumn 2)

In Art we will:

Artist focus: Henry Moore

  • Focus on drawing and sculpture 
  • Drawing skills: Use tone, light and shade to make things appear 3D, develop use of hatching and cross hatching to show tone and texture.
  • Sculpture: Begin investigating Papier Mache techniques in order to represent ideas
  • Outcome: Abstract Papier Mache sculpture of human form inspired by Moore

In DT we will:

  • Create a lamp using a simple electrical circuit
  • Investigate and evaluate a range of existing products and create a design specification