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++++We wish all our Parents, Carers and their Families a Fun and Safe Summer Holiday++++

Year One

Curriculum Over-view

Spring Term

Learning Journey: On the Farm


We will be reading:

  • Send for a Superhero by Michael Rosen
  • The Odd Egg by Emily Gravett

In Science we will:

  • Look at 'Animals including Humans'
  • Look at animals and their young
  • Look at Habitats & Life Cycles
  • Classify animals (herbivore, carnivore and omnivore)

In History we will:

  • Look at different tools and machines used for farming today and compare them to what was used in the past
  • A farmers year timeline
  • Farm artefact's - shearing, milking , tools, mowing etc.

In Geography we will:

  • Label the main geographical features of a farm
  • Compare different types of farm
  • Create farm maps
  • Think about what farmers do in different seasons

In Music we will:

  • Identify different sounds 
  • Change and use sounds expressively in response to stimulus

In RE we will:

Spring One: 

  • What does it mean to be a Hindu?

Spring Two: 

  • What does it mean to be a Muslim?

In Art we will:

  • Focus on Keith Haring  (painting) and Henri Matisse (printing)


  • Use think and thin brushes to create art work and when it is appropriate to use each brush
  • Use simple colour work to convey emotion


  • Develop control through outlined printing 'Press and Stamp' to create prints
  • Repeat or over-lap shapes

In DT we will:

  • Make a moving animal picture farm book

In PSHCE we will:

Self - Esteem and Self - Awareness:

  • Making different types of friends including grown-ups
  • Learn the difference between secrets and surprises and the importance of not keeping adults secrets, only surprises

Losing and Finding:

  • Look at what happens when things get lost or changes
  • How to express how they feel when they lose something (including moving homes, losing toys, pets or friends)

In computing we will:

  • Work with Beebots 
  • Extend vocabulary related to position and direction

In MFL we will:

  • Continue to develop an understanding of why we are learning a language
  • Learn how to meet and greet and understand basic instructions


Autumn Term

Learning Journey: Our Local Area


We will be reading:

  • Yeti and the Bird by Nadia Shireen
  • Billy and the Beast by Nadia Shireen
  • I want my hat back by Jon Klassen


In Science we will:

  • Look at 'Seasonal Change'
  • Observe changes across the four seasons
  • Observe and describe weather associated with the seasons and how day length varies
  • Compare day length in Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer

In History we will:

  • Look at our 'Local Area'
  • Compare the shop fronts in Walworth Road from 1960's to present day
  • Compare the Elephant and Castle shopping centre from photos the past to the present day / redevelopment
  • Compare changes to East Street Market from the 1960's to present day including local vs international foods sold

In Geography we will:

Physical Geography:

  • Study the ground of our local area: Create 'messy maps' of our school, using directional  language to describe location 
  • Identify local land marks and feature: Basic map symbols

Human Geography:

  • Who lives in our area and how do some of our local amenities cater for those people / children

In Music we will:

  • Listen to and discuss a variety of musical genres
  • Experiment with and create music both in groups and alone

In RE we will:

Autumn One: 

  • Belonging: How do you 'belong' to Christianity?

Autumn Two: 

  • How do Christians celebrate Christmas

In Art we will:

  • Focus on Edgar Degas
  • We will use his work as inspiration to create sketches and sculptures to represent the human form in a variety of ways and evaluate our work

In DT we will:

  • Plan and create our ideal porridge and topping by exploring a variety of ingredients and equipment before evaluating our work based on specific criteria

In PSHCE we will:

Self - Esteem and Self - Awareness:

  • Learn how to tell how others are feeling

Keeping well and clean:

  • Learn how diseases can be spread and controlled
  • Learn how to brush our teeth effectively

Drug Education:

  • Learn how household products, including medicines, can be harmful if not used properly