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++++October Half Term - Monday 21st October to Friday 25th October++++Children Return - Monday 28th October++++

Year Two

Curriculum Over-View


Autumn Term

Learning Journey: The Great Fire of London


We will be reading:

  • Journey Home by Frann Preston-Gannon


In Science we will:

  • Learn about Animals including Humans
  • Describe the benefits of exercise on the human body (e.g. muscles grow stronger after exercise)
  • Describe appropriate quantities of different food groups (e.g. eating 5 pieces of fresh fruit and vegetables every day)
  • Describe the benefits of hygienic practices (e.g. washing hands prevents the spread of germs) and the effects of unhygienic practices (e.g. coughing in public can spread germs)
  • Link exercise, food choices and hygiene into a healthy lifestyle
  • Describe the basic needs if a range of animals (e.g. mammals, birds, fish and reptiles) and describe how they meet these needs
  • Describe the differences between the stages of life cycles in animals, including humans. 

In History we will:

  • Study London pre-1666 and the events leading up to the fire
  • Explore why and how the fire spread so quickly and how it was eventually extinguished 
  • Study historical sources, including Samuel Pepys Diary
  • Learn how London was rebuilt and the changes that were made to the City's layout and structure

In Geography we will:

  • Study the River Thames and its importance at the time of the river to trade
  • Explore the part that the Thames played in the Great Fire

In Music we will:

  • Listen to and discuss a variety of musical genres
  • Experiment with and create music in groups and alone

In RE we will:

Autumn One:

  • Learn about Forgiveness. How it is represented and shown in different religions

Autumn Two

  • Learn 'Why did Jesus tell stories?'

In Art we will:

  • Focus on drawing and sculpture: Artist focus: Pablo Picasso
  • Focus on Drawing skills: Observation, shade and position features, layer colour
  • Focus on Sculpture: Investigate using a variety of paper materials that can be modelled using manipulative skills 
  • Focus on Outcome: Cubist inspired relief sculpture using paper and card

In DT we will:

  • Design a healthy packed lunch
  • Generate ideas and evaluate existing products.
  • Create our own healthy sandwich or wrap
  • Evaluate our design based on our criteria