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Attendance & Punctuality

At Crampton, attendance and punctuality is a high priority and our target for this year is to achieve 95% or higher.



  • The school day starts at 8.55am.
    • Reception class: 8.55am (children are dropped off by their parent / carer at Reception class)
    • Year's 1 to 6 directly to class: 8.55am (children walk directly to their class where they will be met by their class teacher)
  • Arrival after 9.00am is classed as late; this is recorded and monitored on a weekly basis. Children arriving after the gate is closed are to be taken to main reception where the parent / carer will be required to complete a ‘Late Arrival’ form
  • Parents arriving late to collect their child after the gate is closed at the end of the school day are required to complete a ‘Late Collection’ form upon collecting their child from main reception, this is recorded and monitored on a weekly basis.
  • Please telephone the Home School Liaison Officer on 020 7735 2219 ext. 204 if your child is going to be late for any reason; do not send your child in on their own to explain their lateness.



  • Please ensure that your child attends school every day unless there is a valid reason for absence, these include illness, hospital, doctor and dentist appointments only. If your child is absent due to illness, please call the absence line before 9.30am on 020 7735 2219 ext. 204.
  • Where possible appointments should be made after school or during school holidays.
  • If your child has an appointment, where possible, please inform the Home School Liaison Officer in advance, a copy of the appointment card or letter would also be appreciated.


Term Time Leave

  • The school does not authorise term time leave; from 1st June 2014, the local authority (Southwark) introduced Penalty Notices to families in cases of unauthorised absence e.g. Holidays taken during term time. A Southwark application form (available from main reception) must be completed to request term time absence and returned to school. You will be informed of the decision taken.
  • Any absence for illness before the end of term or at the start of the new term must be confirmed with a medical certificate (if a charge is incurred, the school will reimburse this).


Secondary Transfer

For children in Year 6 who are attending secondary school open days, entrance exams or induction days, parents / carers are required to inform the Home School Liaison Officer.


Emergency Contact Details

Please ensure that any changes made to contact details and particularly emergency contacts, have been updated at main reception.