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Whole School Events

Gardening Club - 10th July 2023

The Lunch time gardening club harvested their home grown lettuce to use in the school kitchen.

Year's 4, 5 & 6 Sports Day at Kennington Park - 22nd June 2023


Gardening Club - 20th June 2023

Our baby frogs have arrived! Lettuces, beans and poppies growing and our first bug hotel.

Coronation Lunch - 5th May 2023

To celebrate the Coronation of His Majesty King Charles III and Her Majesty Queen Camilla, we decorated the hall for our Coronation Lunch.

Despite the bad weather, all the children had a fantastic time!


Parkour - 24th April 2024

A small group of our Key Stage 2 children, working with coach Glyn from the LPESSN, were put through their paces after a Parkour course was set up in the main hall using our gym equipment.

World Book Day  

All children & staff were invited to dress up as their favourite book character and to participate in a 'Book Swap' event on Friday 3rd March as part of our day of celebration's.

As part of our school celebrations, we held a special assembly and invited parents / guardians in to share and read a passage from their favourite book.

Thank you to the parents of Margot & Gabriel (Y1), Alexander (Y5) and Nathan (Y6) 

'Art Competition' Assembly - 27th February 2023

Announcing the winners of the Winter Art Competition

The Winners are......

'Dan the Man' Skipping Day - 22nd February 2023

Art - Colour Mixing Morning 17th January 2023

During the morning art activities, a round robin of art workshops were set up in each year group. The children visited the different classrooms in turn to learn a new colour mixing technique.


Colour Mixing Activities:

  • REC - Using Chalk and stencils 
  • Y1 - Using magazines to sort and find Primary Colours
  • Y2 - Experimenting mixing Primary Colours
  • Y3 - Tones, Tints & Shades
  • Y4 - Colour Mixing
  • Y5 - Colour Matching

Reception activities

As part of the round robin set of art activities, children from Years one and two visited Reception class to enjoy the workshop. The children used chalk and their smudging skills to mix primary colours. They had great fun and really enjoyed seeing what secondary colours they could create!

Year One activity

While in the Year One classroom, KS1 children looked through magazines to find primary colours. They practiced their cutting skills and sorting each colour into the right section,

Year Two activity

The Year One children experimenting with mixing Primary Colours.

Year Three activity


The children in KS2 took part in a tonal shading session designed to support them in applying a variety of tonal shading techniques.

The children learnt that a tone is a mixture of a colour with white, which increases light, while a shade is a mixture with black, which increases darkness. Both processes affect the resulting colour mixture's saturation


As part of the round robin set of art activities, children from Year 5 are working on tone and shade.

Year 4 activities

Year 5 - Colour Matching

Special Assembly - Wednesday 11th January  & Thursday 12th January

Before the holidays, Miss Kennedy and Mr Webber informed the children that, in the first few weeks back, there was going to be a special "book assembly”.

The assembly would give the children a chance to speak about a book that they thought was particularly good.

The challenge for them was to persuade Miss Kennedy to buy their book for the new school library; the response from children of all year groups was astonishing - so much so that we needed more than one assembly to hear everyone that wanted to speak!


Well done to all the children who spoke so passionately about their book, we are so proud of you and we know you will have inspired others to volunteer at our next book assembly.


Here are some pictures for you to enjoy.