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++++REC Sports Afternoon - Wednesday 19th June at 2pm++++Y4, 5 & 6 Sports Day and Picnic in the Park at Kennington Park - Thursday 20th June++++REC Balance Bike Week - Monday 24th June to Friday 28th June++++Y6 Leavers Photograph - Tuesday 25th June (AM)++++Y1 Florence Nightingale Museum - Thursday 27th June+++Summer Fair - Saturday 29th June - 12 to 4++++INSET Day - Monday 1st July - School Closed to pupils++++

Year Four

The Oval T20 Women's Cricket - England v Australia - 5th July 2023

Computing  - 7th June 2023

Year 4 worked hard in computing today when learning about how to program a turtle to draw lines and shapes. the final challenge was to draw a triangle and lots of our children enjoyed great success!

Visit to The British Museum - 25th April 2023

Art - 29th March 2023

Year 4 used a mixture of watercolour and acrylic paints to create a still life painting / collage; the children took two days to make these pieces. 

If you look closely you might be able to see that the oranges and jug have been painted and added colour.


Into University Walworth workshop 'Careers in Action' - 22nd March 2023

Year 4 took part in the workshop, held at school, looking at careers for the future.

Art - 21st March 2023

Year 4 have been looking at still life drawings and different ways of capturing shading through light and direction.

Science - 10th March 2023

Year 4 explored how sound travels by making cup phones. They tested different lengths of string to see how the vibrations caused by their voices travelled from cup to cup. Through testing, the children worked out how to 'mute' the sound by pinching the string and therefore stopping vibrations.

Art - 7th March 2023

Year 4 have been using oil pastels to make still life drawings of fruit. They focused mainly on colour, tone and texture. The aim was to make the pear stand out against the background.

Computing - 6th March 2023

Year 4 worked on retouching images in computing. Their task was to edit this photograph of a banana to make it look more appetising. By using the blemish remover, the children were able to take away bruises and scars on the skin of the banana.

They also tried out using the object remover to get rid of larger marks. To complete their work, they adjusted the colour saturation to make the banana appear a more vibrant yellow. Following this session, the class had a good discussion on the positive and negative affects that retouching images can have on the world around us. 

Art - 1st March 2023

Year 4 worked carefully om creating negative space using sketching pencils and a pear on their lesson on still life

Problem Solving Skills - 6th February 2023

Year 4 working on problem solving skills with pentominoes