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Our Curriculum

Curriculum Drivers


EnvironmentalismEnvironmentalism is a key driver throughout our curriculum. Learners at Crampton will learn about human impact on the environment and what positive action can be taken. By ensuring the environmentalism threads through our curriculum, we are equipping pupils with knowledge and understanding of the importance of the interconnected nature of life on our planet.
Equality and FairnessPedagogy and curriculum at Crampton reflect the core values of equality and fairness in school. The curriculum is carefully planned to ensure that learning is representative of the population of the UK, including groups who have been historically marginalised. By ensuring that learners investigate the stories of a wide range of individuals, and also ensuring that topics challenge systems that are unfair, those at Crampton develop a sense of what equality and fairness mean to them in modern society. For example, challenging the progress of the industrial revolution considering those who are not treated fairly, and investigating how ordinary people fought for their rights in our topic in year 5.
Vocabulary DevelopmentVocabulary development threads through all our learning at Crampton. Learners' understanding of language is crucial for their progress throughout the curriculum. Without a solid vocabulary foundation, learners will not be able to excel. In all subjects, learners develop etymological knowledge to help them create links between words.
Creative ArtsLearners being given the opportunity to express themselves through the creative arts is key to a child's experience if their time at Crampton. Drama,, music, dance and art subjects that all children benefit from, and where many children can find enjoyment and excellence.
Physical Activity and HealthPhysical activity and health, including mental health, are a key driver of the curriculum at Crampton. Physical activity is key to pupils' overall health, and in an increasingly sedentary world, it is crucial we make time for physical activity. This is achieved through PE, Playtime, using outdoor space for learning where possible, opportunities to go beyond the school environment, physical activities in the classroom such as a yoga.