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++++REC Sports Afternoon - Wednesday 19th June at 2pm++++Y4, 5 & 6 Sports Day and Picnic in the Park at Kennington Park - Thursday 20th June++++REC Balance Bike Week - Monday 24th June to Friday 28th June++++Y6 Leavers Photograph - Tuesday 25th June (AM)++++Y1 Florence Nightingale Museum - Thursday 27th June+++Summer Fair - Saturday 29th June - 12 to 4++++INSET Day - Monday 1st July - School Closed to pupils++++

Year Five

French - 13th July 2023

Year 5 learned about the Tour de France today. They learned French vocabulary and played a matching game, then made posters to display their new vocabulary knowledge!

Art -  Mayan Masks - 11th July 2023

Year 5 have been learning about Mayans. In their art lessons with Mrs. Wicks, they have created their own Mayan masks.

Southwark Exhibition Sewing and Tailoring Workshop - 28th June 2023


Learning Journey - 20th June 2023

Year 5 learned how the landscape of the Maya area affected trade. They were given trading cards with items from each of the three distinct geographical regions, such as, chilli peppers or jade. They enjoyed negotiating as they swapped and traded their items!

Into University FOCUS day - 7th June 2023

Year 5 demonstrating great team work skills.

Art - 26th May 2023

Year 5 are very proud of their mixed media cityscapes, created with pens and watercolours.

Investigating properties of materials - 26th May 2023

Girls Netball Event at Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park - 24th May 2023

Into University workshop - 18th May 2023

Learning about different types of university, courses, accommodation, societies and clubs

Haberdasher Askes Borough Academy 'Humanutopia' Workshop - 11th May 2023

...and performing in the Southwark Ukulele Music Festival at the Royal Festival Hall - 4th May 2023

Ukulele Assembly - 3rd May 2023

Year 5 performing to the rest of the school at a special assembly.

Music - 21st April 2023

Year 5 were lucky enough to meet a piano tuner to find out about the job of tuning instruments! They learned why pianos get tuned and investigated the tools used for tuning. They also got to hear about what its like to tune piano's  on tour for bands like Coldplay! Year 4 really enjoyed this fascinating experience.

Art - 21st April 2023

Year 5 used oil pastels to create beautiful artwork of the planets.

Space - 19th April 2023

Year Five learned how the planets move in our solar system. They created a timeline of how theories have changed over time. They learned about ancient civilisations such as the Sumerians and Egyptians believed, looked at the theories of Islamic scholars such as Alhazen and Tusi, and investigated European scientists such as Copernicus and Newton. They looked at how the evidence changed over time from a geocentric model to the heliocentric model.

ICT - 17th April 2023

Year 5 have been learning how flat-file databases can be used to organise data in records. They created a paper version of a record card database and physically sorted the cards. Then they explored a computer- based database to see how data could be recorded and viewed easily.

Ukulele Session - 29th March 2023

Year 5 look forward to their music lessons every week and are becoming very accomplished players!

Science Workshop - 17th March 2023

As part of the ten day celebration of British Science Week, children in Year 5 were invited to 10 Downing Street to take part in some fun activities around the theme of 'Forces' which were led by the Science Museum.

The Minister from the Department of Science, Innovation and Technology, George Freeman MP, hosted the event.

Official photo's taken by the 10 Downing Street Photographer

PSHE - 6th March 2023

Year 5 have been learning about how to treat animals and today they had a visitor from the Blue Cross Animal Charity who taught a sessions on safety around dogs.

Year 5 learned to interpret the body language of a dog, and how to react by standing still and turning away if a dogs runs up to you. They also learned how to approach a dog and ask both the owner and dog for permission if they want to pet it.

World Book Day 

All the children were invited to dress up as their favourite book character on Friday 3rd March as part of our

World Book Day celebration's.

Art Gallery Visit - 1st March 2023

Year 5 enjoyed working with an artist at the South London Gallery to create amazing hats!

Tennis Skills Event - 27th February 2023

Year 5 really enjoyed their tennis skills session hosted by the London PE and Sports Network (LPESSN) at Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park!

Art Lessons 'Cave Paintings' - 22nd February 2023

Year 5 researched cave paintings and created their own using oil pastels.

Science - 'Life Cycles' - 10th February 2023

Year 5 completed their science topic on life cycles by learning about Jane Goodall and her contribution to our understanding of the natural world. they wrote biographies, learned about her work on chimpanzees, and designed posters.

Computer Lesson - 9th February 2023

Year 5 have been learning how to make videos in their computing lessons. They used a story board to plan out a scene from The Tempest and thought carefully about how to use their cameras to demonstrate a variety of techniques, such as high and low angles, wide shots, close ups, panning and zooming.

They worked in groups to film to their scenes.

Visit to the Houses of Parliament - 31st January 2023