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Year Five

Bread Making - Tuesday 26th March

Year 5 learned about databases in Computing. They created a paper database about animals and tried ordering them. Then they looked at a computer database and compared their paper database to the computer database.

Two Temple Art Gallery 'The Glass Heart' Workshop - 6th February 

Two Temple Place 

The Stone Age - 15th January

Year 5 enjoyed exploring outside to find assets and threats as hunter gatherers would have in the Meosolithic era of the Stone Age.

Drama - 8th January

Year 5 started the term with a drama lesson about their new text, The Tempest.

STEM Challenge - 20th December 

Year 5 Christmas STEM Challenge: Using just one A4 piece of paper, make the longest piece of paper, make the longest paper chain you can! 

The children tried long, short, thin or wide strips, to see which would make the longest chain.

Well done to our champion Maysoon!

Climate Workshop - 1st December

Year 5 completed their final workshop of Climate Ed. They have enjoyed learning about this important subject.

PE with coach Kwan - 24th November

Year 5 enjoyed the team games.

Super Scientists - 31st October 

Year 5 were Super Scientists investigating air resistance with paper helicopters

Transport for London Workshop - 12th October

Year 5 enjoyed their workshop with TfL. They thought about what hey like and dislike in their neighbourhood and ways to improve their local area.

Visit to the Black History Archives - 4th October 

Ragged School Museum - 27th September

Year 5 loved their visit to the Ragged Museum to support their learning on the Industrial Revolution! They travelled back in time to experience a very strict Victorian School. They had a great time but were glad to return to 2023 and get back to Crampton!

Science - 26th September

Year 5 investigated how the different parts of a bike work together, such as the steering system. This helped them to learn about systems in computing. They also thought about what forces would be acting on a bike to link this to their learning in science!