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Religious Education

Crampton Primary School offers a rich and varied curriculum to reflect the diversity of faith beliefs in our school and community. We strive to develop children’s critical thinking skills of enquiry, reasoned argument and reflection as we introduce them to the basic beliefs of major religions in a diverse and ever- changing world.

Our R.E. curriculum provides opportunities for children to learn about the major religions: Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, Buddhism and Judaism. Following the Southwark Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education, our children are afforded the space to ask questions as they explore their developing beliefs, values and traditions, and those of others.


As stated in the Southwark syllabus aims, ‘Religious Education can enthuse learners and open minds, leading to deeper understanding and greater awareness of the world and global challenges. It can encourage children and young people to have confidence in their own growing sense of identity as well as valuing and respecting diversity in others. ‘

Across the school year, we endeavour to make R.E relevant and practical by studying and celebrating important festivals in the faith calendar.  We invite members of our local community to share their faith with our children so that they get an understanding of personal faith beliefs in the community and also why some festivals are still celebrated today.  Our children are also taken on visits to places of worship where they gain an understanding of the significance, the respect, the awe and wonder that such places inspire, and the beliefs of those who choose to worship there.


We believe children learn best from practical experiences, so in order to capture their imaginations, encourage curiosity and promote confidence we ensure that our curriculum also affords opportunities for the children to learn in cross -curricular ways for example by: handling objects, using design and technology to create artefacts making some of the foods used in some faith celebrations and using drama and role play. All these avenues serve to enhance our children’s understanding of the important role that religion plays in the lives of those of whatever faith.


We recognise the right of parents to withdraw their children from all or part of R.E. However, whilst we respect this right, we cannot provide alternatives teaching arrangements, and encourage parents to speak to the Headteacher about their concerns.


As always, the personal, social and academic wellbeing of all our children lies at the heart of Crampton’s curriculum. Our aim is that children leave Crampton with a positive awareness of the different faith groups, a healthy respect for all members of the community and a confidence to communicate their beliefs and opinions in the different environments in which they will find themselves.



Year Group and Subject Progression


 Autumn 1Autumn 2Spring 1Spring 2Summer 1Summer 2
Year 1How do you belong to HinduismHow do Christians celebrate ChristmasHow do you belong to SikhismHow do you belong to ChristianityHow do you belong to IslamHow do live well
Year 2Special BooksWhy did Jesus tell storiesForgivenessHow do we know Easter is comingFood & FastingWhere does the world come from
Year 3Signs, symbols & sayingsWhat is the significance of light on religionsWhy is Holi importantHow do Jews celebrateJesus & BuddhaSikh beliefs
Year 4HinduismWhy the bible is important to ChristiansReligions in our neighbourhoodWhy is Easter important?What makes meWhy do some people get married
Year 5ThankfulnessChristmasAnimal Lawsuit or Inner ForcesWhy is Mohammad & The Quran importantPart 1: God is everywhere (Humanism)Part 2: God is everywhere
Year 6Art in ChristianityHow do religions create celebrationsReligious leadersEasterWhat do people believe about life after deathSimilarities and differences