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Year Two

Maths Challenge - 13th July 2023

Year 2 completed Miss. Stansfield's challenge of finding the treasure as part of their position and directions maths topic! It was quite tricky!

Battersea Park Children's Zoo - 11th July 2023

Expressive Art - 4th July 2023

This afternoon, year 2 created their own mark making tools as part of their 'Expressive Painting' art unit. They experimented with lots of different objects and materials challenging themselves to attach the object or material to a handle. From this they will experiment and see what kind of interesting and unique marks they can make!

Puppet Making - 29th June 2023

Year 2 sewing their puppets together for their DT project.

Traffic Survey - 26th June 2023

Year 2 carried out a traffic survey as part of the maths data analysis module. They carried out the survey on the corner of Penton Place & Kennington Park Road  and the Elephant and Castle.

Music with Grace - 21st June 2023

Bee Friendly Planting - 24th May 2023

'Explorers' - 19th May 2023

As part of our Learning Journey 'Explorers', year 2 have been set the task of deciding items which they would need to bring on four different mission. A Mountain mission, Rainforest expedition, a walk through the Sahara and deep sea

Art - 17th May 2023

Year two have begun to explore with acrylics; they used different tools to see what effects they could make on the page, whilst also playing with primary colours to build on their knowledge of colour mixing and secondary colours.

Computing - 15th May 2023

In computing, year two have been collecting data and recording it in tally charts. They will then input this into a computer system to create pictograms

Yoga - 25th April 2023

Year 2 started their first of three Yoga sessions with Jenny Rainbow on Tuesday 25th April. All the children had a relaxing time!

ICT - 18th April 2023

Year 2 have been learning how to edit photographs. They were able to change the colour of the image as well as layer their own creative designs on top being inspired by Spring!

Design and Technology - 29th March 2023

Year 2 spent the day creating Tudor houses as part of their learning for 'The Great Fire of London' topic

Design & Technology - 13th March 2023

This afternoon year two have been developing their sewing skills. Last lesson, they found out that puppets could be made by gluing pieces of fabric together and today they have discovered sewing to be a more secure way of adding features into a puppet.

Computing - 10th March 2023

Year two have been thinking about how to capture clear photographs. They explored the effect that light has on a photo, experimented with different light sources and focused on an object.

Design & Technology - 6th March 2023

Last week the children were learning about the different types of puppets and their features. This week they has the opportunity to make their own finger puppets from felt.

World Book Day 

All the children were invited to dress up as their favourite book character on Friday 3rd March as part of our

World Book Day celebration's.

Art - 1st March 2023

Year Two sketched and painted daffodils to celebrate St David's Day

Science - 24th February 2023

Year Two were testing the most suitable material to transport biscuits from Thomas Farrinor's bakery across the River Thames. They made predictions, discussed how to make the test fair and then concluded with their findings.

Computing Lesson - 23rd February 2023

In computing, year two have been learning how to take good photographs. They have looked at how to frame photographs and steps to make them clearer and more appealing.

Music Lesson - 22nd February 2023

Year Two have been using glockenspiels, bells and chimes to create their own 'sol' & 'mi' Rhythms.

Visit to The Monument - 8th February 2023

The task of rebuilding London was given to a committee of six, including Sir Christopher Wren, known as the 'Commissioners for Rebuilding'. Wren produced plans for the re-build which were mostly rejected.

However, Wren did design 51 new city churches, as well as the new St Paul's Cathedral and The Monument.

Today year 2 climbed 311 steps of the monument to see the city skyline above.

The Monument & Pudding Lane Guided Tour - 6th February 2023

Learning Journey ' The Great Fire of London' - 31st January 2023

In Learning journey lessons, year two have been learning about historical sources and the different types. Today they became historians and used sources as evidence to back up the events of The Great Fire of London.

Art Work - 27th January 2023

Year 2 have been exploring ways of printing. This week they have started to print through carbon paper and have explored ways of adding colour to the print using oil pastels.

Their prints have been inspired by Xgaoc'o X'are - Botswanan Printmaker

Times-Tables Practice - 25th January 2023

ICT - 13th January 2023

We have been learning to write algorithms. The children designed their own Beebot mats and have tested them out whilst adding the extra challenge of obstructions.

Art Work - 12th January 2023

The children are becoming aware of the relationship of drawing, looking and mark making. Working in sketch books they have captured movement and also collections of small still found objects