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A message from Neil Coyle MP

Dear Crampton School


Here to help in this tough time


The coronavirus crisis has exposed significant flaws affecting many local people. Some are worried about employment rights, like sick pay, others are fearful the NHS is ill-prepared for a global pandemic, still more are being told to self-isolate and worry about shopping and supplies.


The situation is particularly worrying for schools, with a lack of information and mixed messages about closing so far. Some indication are that closures could be happening soon and possibly for a lengthy period of time. This is a short note to let you know I am here to help however I can. I’m working with businesses, Government agencies, local charities, the council and community organisations across our area. If you think I might be able to help your school, staff or pupils and their families, please call me on 020 7232 4640 or email me at and I and my team will do our best. 


For example, if you have families in need because they are no longer receiving free school meals as a result of school closures then please let me know. I run a foodbank from my local office and can make referrals to other local foodbanks. I’m also able to help if you have families who are experiencing problems with their benefits, immigration status or housing situation. Today, I’ve been helping local people stuck in Peru and Morocco so please feel free to get in touch if you are aware of anyone in need. 


The NHS page dedicated to coronavirus (COVID-19) updates is here: and explains what to do if anyone has symptoms or are ‘at risk’ due to other health conditions or age (born in 1950 or earlier). Please keep urging people to wash their hands and to look out for their neighbours and loved ones. 


This could be a very stressful period for young people on top of exam fears, social media pressure and other anxieties. I hope you are aware of all the help available to Southwark children and pass on information where appropriate. Southwark Council is providing the hub for any young person to access at The council also covers access to Kooth for all young people which is an anonymous messaging service which can use for advice and support via Free support for any students with mental health needs is also available from LilyJo at I hope this range of support helps some of your students through this tough time.


Our local schools are a vital part of the network that enables our community to pull together in crises and I’m here to help facilitate that. Let me know if there is any more you think I could do to be of help.


Best wishes and stay safe,