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School Travel Plan

Crampton has an active School Travel Plan and we encourage pupils to walk and cycle to school.


  • Most children at Crampton walk to school.
  • We talk part in the National Walk to School Week.
  • We have a crossing patrol person on Penton Place.


  • We promote a range of cycling activities;
  • We have a pool of four bicycles for pupils to use,
  • Bikeability Cycle Training for Year Five and Six,
  • Special Cycle Club for pupils with special educational needs,
  • Rollapalluza events
  • We have covered cycle parking.

Road Safety

  • Pupils have Road Safety training in Year 1.
  • A Theatre Group presents a Road Safety performance to Year Two and Year Three.

The School Council contributes to the School Travel Plan and information about events will be in the Newsletter.

If you have any concerns about travel issues getting to school please get in touch with Mr Martin on